Name: Stuart Ang
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Serial Number: 621415
Bore: 11.89mm
Alloy: Nickel Silver
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: Yes
Case: Yes
Condition: As New
Other Details: Serial number 621415.
Date of production: 1st Dec 1990.
This is the original Barry Tuckwell model with the detachable leadpipe system and Bayonet style screw bell ring, which means that you can screw the bell on with just a quarter turn.
Please note: This is not a used horn, but an old stock that was stored in the warehouse for the past 30 years. Apart from the minor lacquer wear, which is absolutely amazing for a horn of this vintage, everything else feels new on this horn. It comes with 2 leadpipes (BT1 and BT4), all slides and valves are working as new. This is NOT the H105, which Tuckwell removed his name from. The going price for these horns during the 1990s was around 5K USD,(which works out to 10.2K in terms of today's purchasing power) according to a friend who used to own one.
This is probably the pinnacle horn in the entire of line up of Holton horns. The 2 leadpipe system allows you to eliminate the need for 2 horns, as one of them is designed favourably for high horn playing. It is perfect fo
Extras: Shipping is included in price .



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