Name: Jonathan Eddie
City: St Albans
Country: UK
Serial Number: 3461
Bore: M/L
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: 98% gone
Case: MB5
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This is the 6th Paxman I’ve owned and played professionally, (the 3rd 20L) and it’s undoubtedly the best of them all. It was built in 2002 for one of the forces bands and I bought it about 5 years ago.

It was always a great horn, but because I was playing on a lot of tiring West End shows at the time, I decided to swap the Paxman ‘L’ leadpipe (which does require extra air) for the Cantesanu. This created my perfect Paxman. It makes that big, classic Paxman sound while offering Geyer-wrap-like ease of playing. (original lead pipe included)

There’s a Duerk flipper fitted.

Condition wise, it’s very good. There’s evidence of a twist in the bell flare that has been nicely taken out and there are a few tiny dings that came with the horn when I bought it. Valve compression is excellent.
Extras: Schmid badged MB5 (or Paxman fibreglass fixed-bell case at reduced cost)


Telephone: 07809154800
Paxman (Cantesanu)Paxman (Cantesanu)Paxman (Cantesanu)

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