Name: J Charles Sernatinger
City: Wilmette
State: IL
Country: USA
Serial Number: none
Bore: .468 F, .460 Bb
Alloy: Nickel Silver
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: mostly removed
Case: flat Holton case
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This horn is free blowing and in tune top to bottom. The bell has been detached with an Alexander ring, the flippers have been modified with pivots so the arm draws flat across the bearing, all of the water keys have been replaced with amado keys, including the third valve slide. A couple of the braces have been removed to make the horn lighter. Most of the lacquer has been removed, but newer lacquer to tough to completely remove. This is a very good horn, one of five in my stable, and I just can't play it enough to justify keeping it. This puppy needs a home....
Extras: comes with flat Holton case


Telephone: 312-401-9123

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