Name: Jenna McBride-Harris
City: St. Paul,
State: MN
Country: USA
Serial Number: 1440
Alloy: Ambronze
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: un-lacquered
Case: not included
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This horn is in excellent condition with a few minor cosmetic scratches and dents. The original Lawson V2 leadpipe is still on the horn, along with an Alex AX adjustable hand flipper. The horn received a full once-over by Chuck Ward (early June 2015) when he stripped the lacquer and chem-cleaned it. He says the valves are fantastic and the horn is in mint working condition. The distinctive Ambronze metal still looks rosey and has a subtle shine without the lacquer.

Other Details: The Lawson was built while Walter and his sons still owned the company, and I purchased it used in 2008. The Classical model has a 5% smaller taper than their other designs and the addition of the “Lite” taper and bell flare (a thickness of .016” as opposed to the normal .020”) gives this horn an edge for solo and chamber playing. The horn has only had two owners, and both have held low-horn chairs in professional orchestras. Consequently, the low range of the horn is beautifully broken-in and has a full powerful resonant sound. T


Telephone: 503-537-4330

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