Name: Michael B.
City: Boston
State: MA
Country: USA
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: A special Yamaha model that is not offered for retail in the United States.

The wrap is identical to the 667V, but with some special features including a bell garland and special bracing.

The design of the horn is very innovative. Dual plane valves allow air to travel between "stories" of the horn and provide a clever way to have the air flow in the same direction through both sides of the horn. The Bb first slide is also modified to allow for better security when using that valve combination (High Bb particularly). The Bb return is also truncated which trades in some cylindrical tubing on the Bb side for more tapered tubing in the leadpipe. One of the more clever horn designs out there. To my knowledge, Yamaha is no longer making this wrap, so this is a good opportunity to buy one. Horn plays with an extremely secure feeling and great intonation. Beautiful warm sound with the ability to get a lot of power. Some lacquer wear and a few minor dings. Otherwise in great shape.


Yamaha 867KRDYamaha 867KRDYamaha 867KRD

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