Name: Todd Niesen
City: Burbank
State: CA
Country: USA
Serial Number: NA
Bore: .468 to .485
Alloy: Gold Brass
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: none
Case: Yes, original
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This horn sat in a Pasadena California closet for the last 40 years in until I purchased it on eBay a few years ago. I was told it come out west from the east coast about 45 years ago. It has been completely tuned up by Adrian Dunker at Atkinson Horns and he told me, "(this horn is) one of the best 103's I've played. "

All dents and dings have been taken out.

Full disclosure; there is a hairline crack near the bell brace that caused a "fuzz" when I played it in a certain register. It was barely perceptible to anyone else, but it bugged me, so we finally tracked it down and has been remedied by a small amount of solder, barely noticeable (as was the "fuzz").

This is a great horn with a great tone, and easy to play. I hate to part with it, but as I will no longer be playing, I have no need for it.

I hope it goes to a good home for the next chapter in it's long life.
Extras: Both 3rd valve slides have been modified so it doesn't bang the bell when removed.

The thumb trigger now has a larger pad, easier for smaller hands to reach.

Duck Foot


Telephone: 8183951173

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