Name: Jamie Thomas
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Serial Number: 58022L
Bore: Large
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: None
Case: TBC
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: Paxman 20L (Large bore) in yellow brass, unlacquered with detachable bell and hollow rotors - serial number 58022L - £3850. This horn is in very good condition after been serviced and reconditioned by Luke Woodhead, including having the old lacquer stripped as it was in very poor condition (receipts can be provided). There are no dents, thin spots or patches and the compression is really excellent. It dates from 1980 but hasn’t been played for most of that time so feels like a much newer horn with lots of life left. It is also the version before the current Paxman 20 that I know some people much prefer. I’m not normally a Paxman fan but really like it and think it is once of the nicest/best Paxmans I've played. I'm selling as personally it's a little big for me as I generally prefer a more medium sized bell. The horn is in London, UK and priced at £3850 approx $4600 US dollars. Currently there is no case with the horn but happy to provide one, so can negotiate a suitable deal/case with a buyer. There are num


Telephone: 07703661800

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