Name: Austin Towns
City: Pecos
State: TX
Country: United States
Serial Number: 30009
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: Lacquered, with light wear
Case: Marcus Bonna Case Included
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This is a fantastic instrument. Finke is a German workshop of hand-made horns; the Americus model is made with a larger bore to appeal to American consumers who might be used to large-bore Kruspe wrap instruments. The linkages are mechanical, and with a little bit of proper lubrication, work extremely well. The valve compression is excellent, and this particular horn would serve well for anybody looking to make the switch to Geyer wrap instruments without losing the volume and breadth of a Kruspe wrap.

The previous owner had the pinky hook removed, and installed a leather strap to support the left hand. The strap feels secure and works well.
Extras: A Houghton Horns 2 piece mouthpiece and Marcus Bonna case included.


Telephone: 9403909472

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