Name: Lisa White
City: Edmonton, AB
Country: Canada
Serial Number: 40**
Bore: Large
Alloy: Gold Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: Yes in excellent condition
Case: Marcus Bonna
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: Paxman 20LGD in excellent shape - used lightly for several years by an amateur that is too busy to do this beautiful horn justice! The gold brass provides a round, rich, warm quality with a smooth, colourful tone. The horn has an excellent dynamic range and is capable of playing a wide range of styles, from soft and fluid to brassy and strident.

Additional features as follows:
- Merewether system
- Mouthpipe guard
- Reversible thumb valve
- Nickel silver valve casings
- Brass rotors
- Cord level action

The model 20 has been the mainstay of the Paxman range for many years. Central to the design is the merewether system, where the airflow travels in the same direction on both the F and Bb sides, minimizing interruption from the turning rotor. The F and Bb sides of this double horn are well matched and have superior tuning across the range.

This horns retails for over $12,500 US on the Paxman site, plus $650 for the Marcus Bonna case.
Extras: Marcus Bonna case is included
Shipping charges are extra


Telephone: 7809826441

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