Name: Shirley Wertlake
City: Indian Wells
State: CA
Country: USA
Serial Number: 565T2
Bore: Large
Alloy: Gold Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: Lacquer
Case: Paxman, flat
Condition: Good
Other Details: The condition is very good despite it's age, manufactured in 1965. All parts are original with the addition of an Alexander flipper. Compression reading is 2.0 and sound production is excellent. Included is an additional slide that transposes the B flat horn to A horn. This slide has a cap that can be rotated a quarter turn to switch between B flat and A but does not affect the F side of the horn or require adjusting slides. Valves and slides are very good. The horn has several minor dings which do not affect sound production.

Accessories include rotor oil, slide grease, cleaning snake, mouth piece brush, 5 mouth pieces (yes) and rotor valve string.


Telephone: 760-836-3826

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