Name: Curt Vellenga
City: Lenexa
State: KS
Country: USA
Serial Number: 471xxx
Bore: Large
Alloy: Nickel Silver
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: Some scratches and wear
Case: ProTec Max
Condition: Good
Other Details: This is an extremely early King Eroica that dates from 1971-72 when George McCracken was still with the company.

This Eroica differs from later ones in a few ways. The 4th valve arm and stop plates are metal rather than plastic, the bell is made of thinner gauge metal, and the bell engraving is the earlier "King Musical Instruments" engraving instead of the "Eroica" one used later. I've taken comparative measurements of the bell section, and verified that it is indeed an Eroica bell.

It has just had a professional cleaning and valve adjustment, and the original valves still have good compression.

Cosmetically, the lacquer shows moderate wear and has some scratches and signs of previous minor repair work. There are also a couple extremely minor dings here and there. Overall, its in great condition for a 48 year-old horn!

Comes with a ProTec Max case, and a free mouthpiece if the buyer needs one.

I offer Free Shipping in the US, and a 7-day trial with full deposit.
Extras: ProTec Max case,
Mouthpiece (upon request),
Free Shipping in the US,
7-day trial period (w/deposit)


Telephone: 816-914-3978

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