Name: Randolph Harrison
City: Baltimore
State: MD
Country: USA
Serial Number: 30414
Bore: Medium Large
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: Excellent condition
Case: Detachable bell, "clam shell" type
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: Finke horns are a testament to fine German crafstmanship, engineering and innovation. The horn we are offering for sale is the Brendan model. It is a yellow brass horn in the Knopf-style wrap. The Brendan has a big sound but does not sacrifice intonation and the capability for player flexibility. Finke horns are equipped with carbon fiber valves that reduce the overall weight of the instrument making it less physically taxing to hold and play. This particular horn is equipped with an adjustable, left-hand pinky hook and flip-up hand rest. Also, in addition to the two stock water keys that Finke includes on the main and F horn tubing on the back of the horn, this instrument also has Amado, push-button, water keys on the 3rd valve F and Bb slides. This horn, like all Finke horns, is also equipped with a detachable leadpipe system. The horn comes with a "clam-shell" style, detachable bell horn case. Save for a few very small blemishes, the lacquer in is totally intact. The price has just been reduced.
Extras: In addition to Finke's stock water keys on the leadpipe and main F horn plumbing, this horn also has Amado water keys on both the 3rd valve F and Bb slides.


Telephone: 443-977-7381
Finke - Price ReducedFinke - Price ReducedFinke - Price Reduced

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