Name: Michael B.
City: Boston
State: MA
Country: USA
Alloy: Nickel Silver
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: Yes
Case: Yes
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: C-Series Elkhart 8-D

This is an excellent specimen of the classic 8D. The C-series is one of the earlier letter series, not too different from the pre-letter horns. Dark sound, but not tubby. Nice smooth, liquid slurs. Big and strong low end. The biggest selling point on this horn to me is the superior performance in the upper register. Ab-C above the staff are often dodgy notes on a lot of horns (including my own main horn), but on this horn they're incredibly secure.

The horn has a fresh coat of lacquer. Apart from some light rippling that can be seen under the lacquer from previous repair to the bell flare, the horn looks practically new.

Valves are in very nice shape. Not perfect compression, but the nice combination of some seep and some pop that people look for in an old Elkhart.


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