Name: Tom Gellert
City: Northport
State: NY
Country: USA
Condition: Good
Other Details: *NEW YEARS CLEANING!*
ALL prices include USPS 3-Day Priority Shipping in the lower 48 ... sorry, I do not ship internationally. Prices are FIRM EXCEPT for items marked negotiable ... I will entertain "serious" offers for those items ONLY. I accept PayPal (please contact me for instructions) and/or USPS money orders/personal checks. ALL SALES ARE FINAL & THERE ARE NO RETURNS! Thanks for looking!

Vintage Alexander #8 $60.00
Vintage Alexander MY 15 $80.00
Vintage Alexander MY 15 $80.00
Atkinson Dell'Osa Philadelphia 10 Underpart $90.00
Cantesanu C Underpart $100.00
Denis Wick 4N $55.00
Herco - No # $35.00
Holton-Farkas VDC $55.00
Houser Gene Standley 12-2 Underpart $105.00
Houser Julie Landsman 10-0 Underpart $105.00
Kelly RED MDC $30.00
Vintage King H-2 $30.00
Marcinkiewicz 3 $100.00
*Vintage Moosewood BA Underpart Negotiable
*Vintage Moosewood D8 Underpart Negotiable
Osmun Chicago 14 $105.00
PHC 22A Underpart $110.00
Extras: MORE
Vintage Reynolds 6D $40.00
Vintage Sansone NY No #6 $40.00
Schilke 27 $55.00
Schilke 29 $55.00
Schilke 29 $55.00
Schilke 32 $55.00
UMI 5BW $35.00
Vintage Vincent Bach 11 $35.00
Wick-Paxman 5.5 $65.00
Yamaha 30C4 $40.00

Siegfried's Call Thin Rim 18.5 in H-Kote BRONZE $75.00
Houser Standley 19.5mm $85.00
Houser Standley 19.5mm $85.00
L4 Marking - Not Sure of Make $35.00
*Vintage Moosewood W3 Negotiable
PHC S18 Gold Plate $35.00


Telephone: 6315149653
Assorted mouthpieces, cups & rims

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