Name: Joseph Johnson
City: Grovetown
State: GA
Country: USA
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This is an updated listing with a few new additions. Here are the mouthpieces for sale:

Houghton H1 cup - $75
Houser SF cup - SOLD
Cantesanu cup & rim - SOLD
Osmun LD10 cup - $50
Osmun V12 cup - $50
Atkinson G210 - $35
Parke De Rosa cup - $35

All cups have Giardinelli threads. The Atkinson and Parke mouthpieces have seen the most use and are listed at a much lower price. The others are all in good to excellent condition and have seen minimal to moderate use. The SF cup is a "3 piece" with the standard 14-0-2 removable shank. I'll cover shipping within the US.
Extras: Shipping is included in price


Telephone: 706-449-1206

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