Name: Marcin Chrzanowski
City: Poznań
Country: Poland
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: I've got for sale a very elegant "Stencel" case. It's an unique, handcrafted product, made of beautiful, bronze, natural leather and it's desinged for detachable horn.

The case has two handles, very capacious front pocket, detachable back and shoulder straps, another, smaller back pocket, additional mute cover, small bag for accesoriess and space for 2 mouthpieces. Straps for horn and bell cover are adjustable.

Condition is very good, only a few tiny schratches on leather and minor marks after horn inside the case. I bought the case new in March 2016.

I'm selling it only because I bought an undetachable horn which doesn't fit in this case. By the way - I've just ordered the case for my new horn in the very same place. Let it be the confirmation, that it's the top quality product and it's worth an investment.

The case is extremaly capacious.

The price for the new one is 350 euro.


Telephone: +48 501-831-091

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