Name: Łukasz Łacny
City: Wrocław
Country: Poland
Serial Number: 966
Bore: medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Case: Protec
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: PAXMAN T2 - an excellent descant horn - Bb / A + / f-alto. Build in 1966. The Model T2 is the premodel of the Model 40, the letter T means they were made by Ted Adams.

The instrument is in very good technical condition, after ultrasound cleaning.
- bore - medium
- bell throat - large
- string system
- Lawson bell
- PROTEC hard case included
The instrument was used in orchestras in England, USA and Poland until last year. Perfectly blown, full sound on the whole scale.

Interested persons are invited to test and purchase
+48 788 279 159


PAXMAN T2 - premodel of Paxman 40PAXMAN T2 - premodel of Paxman 40PAXMAN T2 - premodel of Paxman 40

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