Donations to the IHS may be tax deductible for you. The IHS is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the United States. Please consult the tax laws which are appropriate for your situation.

Donations of any amount are welcome. Donations of $25 or more will be recognized with the donor’s name published in the Horn Call under the following categories:

Hampel Club $25-49
Punto Club $50-99
Leutgeb Club $100-249
Duvernoy Club $250-499
Dauprat Club $500-999
Gallay Club $1000 +

The IHS has several areas to which these donations can be applied. You may direct your donation to be applied to any of the following projects:

Friendship Project

This project supports membership in countries where economic conditions make regular membership impossible. Donations are kept in an account and the interest from this account is used to pay for overseas shipping and to supplement membership payments for these countries.

{easypaypal itemname=friendshipproject,itemnumber=NEWS}

Scholarship Accounts

The IHS has several "named" scholarship accounts as well as a general scholarship account. Money donated to the "named" accounts goes to the principal or to pay for the current year awards from the account. The interest is only used to pay awards for the scholarship account.

Donations to the general scholarship account are used to pay award amounts not covered by the "named" accounts and also to pay for the annual "Symposium Participant" awards.

You can make a donation to the following Scholarship Accounts at any time.

Walter Lawson Memorial Fund -  This fund was formed to honor and remember Walter Lawson, an Honorary Member  of the IHS and a member of the Advisory Council from 1977-1983. As well as performing professionally, Walter Lawson conducted research and development in instrument design and construction which led to several important acoustic and mechanical innovations of the horn. According to IHS policy, a "named" fund does not become permanent  and thus usable until the fund account reaches $5000. This account is still below the $5000 minimum required, so donations are welcomed to help achieve this goal. {easypaypal itemname=LawsonFund,itemnumber=LAWSON}
Vincent DeRosa Fund - This is an established account which is usd to fund the IHS Premier Soloist Competition. {easypaypal itemname=DeRosaFund,itemnumber=DEROSA}
Philip Farkas Fund - This is an established account which is used to fund the IHS Premier Soloist Competition. {easypaypal itemname=FarkasFund,itemnumber=FARKAS}
Dorothy Frizelle Memorial Fund - This is an established account which is used to fund the IHS Orchestral Audition Competition/Dorothy Frizelle Memorial Award. Both a high and low horn competition is held at each IHS International Symposium. {easypaypal itemname=FrizelleFund,itemnumber=FRIZ}
Jon Hawkins Memorial Memorial fund - This is a program established by the Hawkins family. Jon Hawkins was a Life Member of the IHS, just starting his career as a professional musician when he met his death in a traffic accident. This account is used to fund the John Hawkins Memorial Scholarship. {easypaypal itemname=HawkinsFund,itemnumber=HAWK}
Paul Mansur Fund - This is an established account. This account is used to fund the Paul Mansur Scholarship. {easypaypal itemname=MansurFund,itemnumber=MANSUR}
Barry Tuckwell Fund - This is an established account. This account is used to fund the Barry Tuckwell Scholarship Award. {easypaypal itemname=TuckwellFund,itemnumber=TCKWLL}
General Scholarship Account - Donations to this account are used to assist in the payment of awards to all existing IHS scholarship programs as needed. {easypaypal itemname=IHSGeneralScholarship,itemnumber=GENSCH}

To learn more about our scholarship award programs please go to IHS Scholarship Programs

General Operations Donations

Donations can be made to help support the day to day operating expenses of the International Horn Society. These donations go towards our general operations and cover such items as printing, postage, web site expenses, regional newsletter and workshop expenses, thesis lending program, archives, etc.

We thank you in advance for considering a donation to the International Horn Society. Please feel free to contact the executive secretary if you need additional information.

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