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Ask the Pros 61 topics

Leading professionals offered advice, insight and information based on members' questions.
Ask Frank. To pose a question to Frank Lloyd to be answered on this forum, email

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Daily routine
by IHS Online Manager
05 Jan 2008 07:39
Ask a question of IHS Past President and Honorary Member Frøydis Ree Wekre

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Sound Concepts
by IHS Online Manager
02 Mar 2008 03:17
Ask Dale Clevenger, the Principal Horn of the Chicago Symphony

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Braces :(
by Dale Clevenger
16 Jul 2008 07:13
Ask a question of San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Principal Horn Robert Ward.

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Encouraging new horn players
by Robert Ward
06 Oct 2008 15:00
Ask a question of New York Philharmonic Principal Horn Philip Myers

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Various Questions
by Phil Myers
01 Jan 2009 03:00
Ask a question of English horn player, conductor and Aubrey Brain professor of horn at the Royal Academy of Music Michael Thompson.

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the Golden Echo
by Michael Thompson
04 Mar 2009 04:50
Ask a question of soloist, teacher and recording artist Thomas Bacon.

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Maintaining a musical mind bet ...
by Thomas Bacon
02 Apr 2009 11:05
Ask a question of American Horn Quartet founder and Professor at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiano in Lugano, Switzerland.

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Warmup routine
by David Johnson
10 May 2009 03:06
Ask a question of Kendall Betts, long time Principal Horn of the Minnesota Orchestra, owner of Lawson Horns and founder of the Kendall Betts Horn Camp.

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Lawson Horn Models
by Kendall Betts
10 Sep 2009 19:42
Ask a question of teacher and second horn in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Michelle Reed Baker.

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Tonguing and the new Conns
by Michelle Reed Baker
04 Oct 2009 14:04
For answers to your questions concerning horn maintenance, repair and restoration, email Greg at

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How to bend tubing
by Gregory Beckwith
25 Jan 2010 11:16
"Ask the Pros" correspondent in the IHS Forum for February and March, 2010 is William VerMeulen, International Soloist and Recording Artist, Professor of Horn - Rice University Shepherd School of Music, Principal Horn - Houston Symphony, Artist - Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Advisory Council - International Horn Society and President - VerMeulen Music, L.L.C.

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Здравствуйте, общество валторн ...
by William VerMeulen
06 May 2010 22:01
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