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Tom Murray, formerly with US Army Band

18 Sep 2015 22:23 #1543 by Robert Groover
Tom Murray, formerly with US Army Band was created by Robert Groover
I'm looking for my old horn teacher, Tom Murray - he was tremendously patient with me, and I owe a lot to him. He played a Geyer-Schmidt and an Alexander 103, and I heard he moved to Colorado in the 1970s. He would be in his 70s or 80s by now - does anyone here know more of him, or even where he might be reached?


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01 Oct 2015 18:52 #1545 by Herbert Winslow
Replied by Herbert Winslow on topic Tom Murray, formerly with US Army Band
I am sorry to inform you that Tom Murray died several years ago. There was a nice tribute in the Horn Call following his death written by Laura Klock and a few other of his former students. Tom was my Jr. High Band director and when I taught at the University of New Mexico , I invited him down from Colorado to present a clinic. He was no longer playing the valved horn due to severe arthritis. But he played some extremely impressive Gallay etudes on the natural horn. It seems that all of Tom's students had wonderful recollections of him and I still think of him often, especially when I come across some of his humorous drawings of horns with clam-traps, special Siegfried valves, or of some conductors he had run across!

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