ONDEMANDaud:Meistersinger(complete) ViennaStOp12/8

02 Dec 2012 17:08 #649 by Delmar Williams
The Vienna St. Opera played Die Meistersinger multiple times in Nov. 2012.
This show will be posted just 7 days until Dec. 8 so listen right away if you are interested in it.

James Rutherford (Hans Sachs), Ain Anger (Veit Bogner), Adrian Eröd (Beckmesser), Johan Bohta (Walther von Stolzing), Norbert Ernst (David), Christina Carvin (Eva)
Chorus and Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera Conductor: Simone Young
Design: Michael Blees
(recorded in November in the Vienna State Opera in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound)

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