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I Like to Practice Scales!

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17 Dec 2013 18:18 #775 by Ricardo Matosinhos
I Like to Practice Scales! was created by Ricardo Matosinhos
I Like to Practice Scales!

The aim of this method is to offer a new approach to the study of scales. Instead working this subject in a traditional way with a progressive increasing of the number of sharps and flats, I propose working at the same time all the scales often used on western music (major scales, natural minor scales, harmonic and melodic) with the progressive increasing of the number of
notes. This way the student is led to the establishment of connections between the different scales, even if at the beginning he is not aware of that. The primacy of practice over theory is meant to motivate the students to practise scales and last but not least to lead them to enjoy it!

It's available at the OMS

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