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Horn Etudes published after 1950

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17 May 2011 15:23 - 06 Aug 2011 09:27 #447 by Ricardo Matosinhos
Horn Etudes published after 1950 was created by Ricardo Matosinhos
I'm making a research on horn etudes.
When a horn player wants to buy horn etudes most of the time, only get from the publisher's website a Title, a Composer name and a price. That's nothing and most of the time people order the music, pay the extra shipping costs, and the customs taxes and some times don't receive what they were expecting...
The idea is to make a Selected and Annotated Bibliography on Horn etudes published after 1950. This way people interesting on buying horn etudes can have and extra information about the composer and the characteristics of the book they are buying.
I've already a list of more than 100 books but every contribution might help, so if you know any etude book that fits on this criteria, please contact-me

Thanks for you help.
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