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Horn "Buyer" Alert

11 years 9 months ago #610 by Bennett Robinson
I have a Hoyer descant horn listed for sale on IHS and was overjoyed to get a positive email response from someone calling themselves "Dennis Morgan." As we corresponded about details of the horn and a determined a mutually acceptable price I detected language usage that didn't match a "UK hornist by the name of Dennis" - his words. Nevertheless, not being flooded by offers to purchase my Hoyer, I accepted his offer of $5,000 plus shipping expenses. "His agent" would send me a cashiers check and "I should be sure to let him know the instant the check cleared my bank." After a couple of weeks went by and some false starts the check did indeed arrive from Los Angeles, not London as intimated in his messages. The biggest flashing caution light was the fact that "Dennis" has sent a check payable to me for $9500., not $5000 plus an estimated $1000 for shipping and insurance. As you can already guess, the check bounced a mile high. I want to warn all of you to be aware and qualify buyers carefully.
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