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Schmidt horns

19 Jul 2011 03:23 #470 by Deborah McDowell
Schmidt horns was created by Deborah McDowell
Hey everyone, I'm going to be a graduate student next year and I'm looking into buying an E. Schmidt horn, and am debating between a few things.

double vs. triple
type of metal on horn/bell
type of bell

Anyone have any input? What works for you/didn't work for you? Any input is welcome, though I'm sure when it comes down to it, it will be whatever works best during the trial period. Thanks!

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12 Mar 2012 17:55 #554 by J Charles Sernatinger
Replied by J Charles Sernatinger on topic Re: Schmidt horns
Why would you restrict yourself to an E. Schmidt? Take a look at the classifieds and see which horns DONT show up for sale as used horns. You should be looking at a Lewis, or a Cantesanu instead, I have played Schmidts, and they are just not in the same ball park. Alternative: Lewis/Duerk

Charlie Sernatinger

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30 Mar 2012 12:09 #561 by Jim Engele
Replied by Jim Engele on topic Re: Schmidt horns
Hi Deborah,

I would recommend a double horn for your situation. Usually, triple horns are something that people get because of a unique requirement in addition to already having a double horn. As a graduate student, you should have a reliable double horn first I think. The Schmid double/yellow brass/wide bell/lacquered is probably the most common configuration I've seen and would handle most situations thrown at you. The choice of material is a personal one, I think gold brass sounds better but there is more resistance and you have to work a little harder. Some people like nickel horns, the response is quick and there is a positive resistance to the feel. An extra wide nickel flare makes any Schmid sound a lot like an 8D if you have to blend with a section although most people prefer to have a flare like the wide yellow which is more conventional and provides a broader blending capability. The hand hammered flares also sound better, most people prefer them and the only disadvantage is the cost.

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