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NYC Repairs?

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28 Feb 2010 11:45 #362 by Sarah Baird Knight
NYC Repairs? was created by Sarah Baird Knight
Hello, all.

I've just rejoined the community after 9 years of horn-hibernation.

That said, my horn has been sitting for a long time and needs a tune-up. Can anyone recommend a good repairman in New York City? I see some general instrument repair shops online but thought I'd check here for horn specialists before I go generic.

Thanks so much,

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05 Mar 2010 10:20 #363 by Jed Hacker
Replied by Jed Hacker on topic Re:NYC Repairs?

You should contact Scott Bacon with Siegfried's Call, he is an easy train ride from NYC to Beacon, NY. He would probably even pick you up at the Beacon train station. His number is 845-765-2275. or


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20 Mar 2010 08:40 #366 by George H Gorham
Replied by George H Gorham on topic Re:NYC Repairs?
Chuck McAlexander
Brass Lab
(212) 243-7180
532 West 25th Street

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