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Briz horns

06 May 2018 16:19 #1713 by Anthony Chiarito
Briz horns was created by Anthony Chiarito
Does anyone have any playing experience with these? I understand they are made by Paxman, but in China, and I've read a few reviews that say they are very high quality instruments. One of the guys at Pope Instrument Repair said they are their #1 seller by a large margin (I also understand that they are one of the only vendors for these instruments). As I get older (just turned 60), I am looking for a horn that is easier to play than my King Eroica, which I have had since my early 20's!

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18 May 2018 01:52 - 18 May 2018 02:16 #1714 by Chris Crawley
Replied by Chris Crawley on topic Briz horns
I don't think it's correct to say that Briz horns "are made by Paxman". Certainly Paxman sell them, but this is what Paxman's website says: "Briz Musical Instruments Co. Ltd was founded in June 2000. Mr Tang Pei, the current director, has many years of experience in instrument manufacturing and business management. Alongside Mr Tang Pei, with 20 years of welding techniques and production experience by skilled workers, they have mastered the essence of the horn and its heritage and combined it with the fine traditions of the original plant in Tianjin."

So it seems Briz horns are an entirely Chinese firm, possibly being advised by Paxman.

As regards the playability of their instruments, I have no information at all. If the OP were able to get to London UK, which he's possibly not able to do, he could try them, as Paxman currently have two available - the A980 (Kruspe type) and the A2000 (Geyer). However, there must be some around in the USA to try.

I note the OP is finding his King Eroica more of a challenge as he ages. The Eroica is an excellent horn of its type - in this case, a very free-blowing, wide-bore instrument that needs a lot of air. I suggest he considers something with more resistance.
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17 Jul 2018 09:56 #1720 by David Jewell
Replied by David Jewell on topic Briz horns
Pope Instrument Repair ( and Ion Balu ( are the American vendors for the Briz horns, of which they are advisors to Briz for the ones they sell. There are several models, and I believe in both Kruspe and Geyer wraps.

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03 Mar 2021 14:01 #1851 by J Charles Sernatinger
Replied by J Charles Sernatinger on topic Briz horns
I have visited the Briz factory in Tianjin, invited by the principal Horn of the China National Symphony, Kunqiang Zhu. Paxman does not own Briz, but Briz supplies valve assemblies to Paxman for some of their lower end horns. Briz has a ton of different models, from Kruspe wraps to Geyer wraps, in nickel/silver and in Brass. I tried a bunch of horns out there, and they are OK, I would put them in the range of maybe a Holton or a Conn

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