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Tonguing in the low register

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13 years 11 months ago #330 by

What are your thoughts on tonguing in the low register? I can move around and play sufficiently in this range but I am still unhappy with my articulations, such as the famous triplet section from Don Quixote.


Michelle Reed Baker's answer:

Hi Audrey!

Tonguing in the low register...a tricky one!

Well, I place the tip of my tongue at the bottom of my top teeth...no matter what register! I highly recommend this as it is much less confusing! As long as you have a lot of air behind your tongue, it should work...and work well!!!

My tongue definitely wants to go lower when I tongue in the low register, so I have to really fight that tendency. I would practice the Don Quixote lick that you mentioned slurred A LOT!!! - determine how much air you need (it will take a lot of air!) repeat it this way several times until you are happy with the sound of it and feel comfortable. Then play it legato tongued with your tongue at the bottom of your top teeth - but don't change the air speed!

Again, repeat it several times until you are happy with sound and feel comfortable. Then go to staccato...what I call "sharp tongue" - just hit the front of the note sharper but don't change the air speed!

Repetition is key!

Hope it works for you - let me know!!!!


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