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Warmup routine

  • David Johnson
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10 May 2009 03:06 #283 by David Johnson
Warmup routine was created by David Johnson

What is your daily warm-up routine?

Kyle Hayes

David Johnson's Answer:

Dear Kyle Hayes,

I recently ruptured my eardrum and have been forced to not play my horn for several weeks. I started playing again just recently and have, of course, very little endurance.

I actually have 2 warm ups. The first one I call my "Warmup for the ambitious" and it is quite involved. In fact, almost everyone should do some sort of a pre-warmup before trying to tackle it in it's entirety. One should also allow minimum 30 minutes to complete it.

My second warmup is something that everyone can play pretty much right off. Some people actually use it as the prewarmup for the first warmup and I call it my "Warmup for the masses".

I get asked often about warmups, so I think the best thing to do is for me to simply put it on my website, which my wonderful wife will do for me in the coming weeks. That way anyone that might be interested can simply download it themselves and have a go at it. Editor's note: .

I hope this adequately answers your question. Look for the downloadable version on my website in June sometime.

All the best,

David W. Johnson

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