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16 Mar 2009 21:30 #263 by Thomas Bacon
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I play principal horn in a community orchestra. We're about to play Mahler's first and I'm thinking of getting a different mouthpiece to help me manage the part better.

I play a Conn 8D, and my current mouthpiece is a Giardinelli C15. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thomas Bacon's answer:

Hi Barbara! Not sure if this will help, but it sounds to me like a Giardinelli C15 on an 8D is maybe not as good a match as would be a smaller number, like maybe a C5 or even lower.

If you are close to anyone that has a lot of different mouthpieces that you can try out, that's what you should do. Though it may be too late for your Mahler performance, the IHS workshop in Illinois this summer would be a great place to find lots of different mouthpieces.

Most important though, is not what I say, but what you say after you play on some different mouthpieces. Try a bunch of them out, talk to lots of other players, but ultimately you need to choose what feels right for you, and nobody can tell you that but you.

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