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Braces :(

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15 years 4 months ago #142 by
Braces :( was created by

Last Tuesday, my new braces were put on. I had been only buzzing on my mouthpiece for about a week, and yesterday I actually played on my horn. The playing wasn't too bad, but definitely not where I was before (I had expected this). I was curious if you, as a professional, had any tips or exercises that might help with the braces.

Thank you,

Dale Clevenger's answer

Dear Stefan,

I wore braces myself (about 55 years ago!!!!). I have had many students with braces. Some fare very well, others less well. What we all have in common is that you will have to "tough it out". Sorry about that. You do not say how long you will have to wear them, but there is light at end of this tunnel! And the end is: when they come off!! Maybe try some wax on the lip/outer side of the teeth. This may help.
Good luck, kid. I empathize with you.


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