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Madsen Sonata - the Schubert theme

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25 Feb 2008 06:41 #49 by IHS Online Manager
Madsen Sonata - the Schubert theme was created by IHS Online Manager

I am planning on performing the Madsen Sonata for Horn and Piano on my upcoming recital. In the liner notes of the CD, "Songs of the Wolf," it reads, "This sonata is marked 'Hommage a Franz Schubert';the theme for the last movement is a quote from this old master." Do you know what theme Madsen is quoting? If possible, I would like to study the theme in its original context for musical phrasing and character.

Anna Leverenz
Cincinnati, OH


Dear Anna Leverenz,

The theme which Trygve Madsen uses for the variations is from Schubert’s Sonata for piano no. 7 in a minor, op. 164, the 2nd movement. To make it more suitable for the horn and for the key of this Sonata, he chose to transpose the theme down to D-major (concert pitch), a fact that has been confusing to some pianists who already knew the theme in the original key.

Best of luck with your upcoming recital!

CORdially, Frøydis Ree Wekre \@()

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