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Hearing Aids Improvement

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20 Feb 2021 07:47 #1849 by Nicholas Quarrier
Hearing Aids Improvement was created by Nicholas Quarrier
Hello, I am a recreational horn player and am 66 years old. I played the horn fairly well during my high school years in a youth symphony. In college I practiced every now and then and didn't join a group. After college my horn collected dust for many years while I was involved in growing a family. About 10 years ago I began tooting again and tried to rebuild my embouchure - once again practicing by myself only. Three years ago I joined my community band. It took quite a while relearning how to play with others - my timing was all off, but my embouchure was improving, though I had major difficulty hitting any notes above E. Playing a high F was always a hit or miss. I practiced almost daily and tried different mouth pieces, but my abilities with accuracy remained poor. Now, I need to recap  some ten years earlier. I found I was not hearing my work colleagues (especially women ) on my job and had my hearing tested. I had lost around 80% of my high frequencies. I bought expensive hearing aids that helped somewhat. Now, back to present day. During the covid pandemic my community band was no more and again all I could do was practice the horn by myself trying to maintain my embouchure until the band could return - and still had poor accuracy. A month ago I had my hearing tested and had lost further frequencies in the upper ranges. I updated my hearing aids to the newest high tech devices. And more or less a miracle happened in my playing. My accuracy improved ten fold - I could play up to high G and began practicing music played back when I was quite proficient in high school. Even the horn sounded much better. I originally thought I just had a few good days, but no, I've maintained an amazing new ability!    The big test will be how will I play with the community band? So in conclusion, I highly recommend anyone with possible hearing losses to get their ears tested and if aids are recommended to pay the huge price and get the best! I truly believe you also will see your horn ability improve. 
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13 Apr 2021 16:02 #1854 by Tawnee Lynn Lillo
Replied by Tawnee Lynn Lillo on topic Hearing Aids Improvement
Hi there, Nicholas

I'd love to chat with you about what product you have found and see if you are interested in incorporating this into this years IHS 53, August 9-14th 2021? I am the new exhibits coordinator with the IHS, it's nice to meet you. Please take a look at the demonstration I provide on the homepage of my website as well as.a clickable but t o the IHS 53 website at
My contact information to discuss further is or 626-485-3707

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