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Improving Range

18 Apr 2015 22:14 #1508 by Seth Clark
Improving Range was created by Seth Clark
So I have a recital coming up and I'm practicing like mad to prepare. I'm playing En Foret, but i have some trouble getting a good sound on the higher range above the bar. I have been improving my endurance consistently and can practice for about an hour straight, about twice as much as before, but i still can't consistently make the high range sound good. I started to practice twice a day, but my second practice my lips just can't play effectively and i end up using pressure, so it's not a good practice. And if i play twice in a day, i can't play well the next day either.

How should i practice to build range without hurting my ability to play the next day?

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21 Apr 2015 03:04 - 21 Apr 2015 03:04 #1510 by Ricardo Matosinhos
Replied by Ricardo Matosinhos on topic Improving Range
Endurance and range developing are two different thing, but of course if you have a good endurance your range will improve as well.

In my website you can reed two posts about improving your endurance How to improve your embouchures' endurance and Endurance for the Horn Player .

Specifically for the horn range, I love this exercise.

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19 May 2016 04:47 #1593 by Brian Atwood
Replied by Brian Atwood on topic Improving Range
Thank you for sharing this.

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