En 2018, The International Horn Society celebró el 39 ° año desde su primer Concurso de Composición. En 2018, el Concurso de Composición recibió 44 entradas de 9 países: 3 entradas en la División Destacada y 41 entradas en la División Virtuoso.

Para el Taller Virtual 2020, la Coordinadora del Concurso de Composición y la Dra. Jena Gardner prepararon este video entrevista con los ganadores.

The countries represented included Australia (4), Canada (1), Estonia (1), Finland (1), Italy (1), Japan (1), Portugal (2), The United Kingdom (2), and the United States of America (31). 

La composición ganadora del premio para la División Destacada fue The Horn Calls you back! For Two Horns and Piano by Ricardo Matosinhos of Ermesinde, Portugal.  

La composición premiada de The Virtuoso Division fue Trio for Horn, Viola, and Harp by Zack Stanton, Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.

The judges also selected two compositions for Honorable Mention in the Virtuoso Division: FLEET for Eight Horns by Jules Pegram of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and

Serenade for Bass-Baritone, Horn and Strings by Derek Weagle of Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

The Judges for the 2018 Competition are also distinguished also by their compositions which have been performed at Symposia of the International Horn Society:  Elizabeth Raum of Toronto, Canada; Paul Johnston of Charleston, Illinois, U.S.A. (whose Mountain Sketches for Horn and Piano was the winner of the Featured Division of the Composition Contest in 2014), and Steven Winteregg of Cedarville, Ohio U.S.A. (whose works have been recognized three times by the Composition Contest of the International Horn Society:  1979 Honorable Mention: Pastiche for Six Horns, 1984 Honorable Mention: Divertimento for Flute, Horn and Double Bass, and the 1986 Winner:  Flights of Imagination for Horn and String Quartet.)

Hornists are encouraged to perform the music of participating composers from the Horn Society’s Composition Contest.  Information about all participating composers from the 2018 Contest will be found in an upcoming issue of THE HORN CALL. 


In celebration of four decades of the Composition Contest of the International Horn Society, a program of works from NOW and THEN was presented at the 51st International Horn Symposium at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent, Belgium-narrated by Randall Faust.


The Horn Calls you Back!  For Two Horns and Piano by Ricardo Matosinhos  (Winner of the Featured Division 2018) performed by Horn Soloists Kristina Mascher- Turner and Kerry Turner with pianist Geert Callaert.


Virtuoso for Horn and Piano by Corrado Maria Saglietti (Winner of Category I 1988)  performed by Horn Soloist Bernardo Silva and pianist Geert Callaert


Fleet for Eight Horns by Jules Pegram (Honorable Mention of the Virtuoso Division 2018) 


Pastiche for Horn Ensemble by Steven Winteregg (THEN Honorable Mention 1979) Performed by THE HORN ENSEMBLE of THE INTERNATIONAL HORN SOCIETY ADVISORY COUNCIL and STAFF

Andrew Pelletier, Conductor.
Geoffrey Winter, Lydia Van Dreel, Jeffrey Snedeker, Louis-Phillipe Marsolais,
Radegundis Tavares, Amy Thakurdas, Justin Sharpe, Julia Burtscher,
Nancy Joy, Steven Cohen and Randall Faust

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