Extended Techniques Audio Examples

Audio examples to accompany Extended Techniques for the Horn by Douglas Hill. The PDF version of this book is available through IHS Online Music Sales.

Example 1 — Common Playing Range

Example 2 — Possible Playing Range (Extreme)

Example 3 — Straight Mute

Example 3 — Brass Mute

Example 3 — Plunger Mute

Example 3 — Cup Mute

Example 3 — Whisper Mute

Example 3 — Glass Mute

Example 3 — Cloth Mute

Example 4 — Mute Sounds, Degrees

Example 5 — Mute Sounds, Gradual Changes; Unmeasured Rapid Mute Changes

Example 6 — Unmeasured Rapid Mute Changes with Multiple Tonguing

Example 7 — Brass Mute Variations

Example 8 — Stopped Horn

Example 9 — 1/2 to 3/4 Stopped Horn, or Echo

Example 10 — 1/2 Step Hand Glissando

Example 11 — Greater Than Half Step Hand Glissando

Example 12 — Rapid Hand Changes with Multiple Tonguing

Example 13 — Scoop Up, Scoop Down

Example 14 — Tonguing, Punctuated, Aggresive

Example 15 — Tonguing, Smoother, Softer

Example 16 — Tonguing, Miscellaneous, Split Tongue

Example 17 — Releases, Abrupt and Accented

Example 18 — Tonguing, Double (DIDL)

Example 19 — Tonguing, Rapid Irregular

Example 20 — Tonguing, Flutter

Example 21 — Trills

Example 22 — Trills, Flexible Speed

Example 23 — Trills, Irregular

Example 24 — Valve Tremolo

Example 25 — Valve Tremolo, Flexible Speed, Irregular

Example 26 — Tremelo, Like Fingerings

Example 27 — Tremolo Unlike Fingerings

Example 28 — Glissando

Example 29 — Glissando, Harmonic, Chromatic

Example 30 — Glissando, Valve Flutter, Contour

Example 31 — Glissando, Oscillating

Example 32 — Interrupted Glissando

Example 33 — Bend_Dip, Doink_Doit, Fall-Off_Drop, Spill

Example 34 — Flip, Rip_Smear, Lift_Flair, Plop

Example 35 — Half-Valve, Definite Pitch

Example 36 — Half-Valve, Indefinite Pitch

Example 37 — Ghost Tones

Example 38 — Half-Valve, Glissandos

Example 39 — Half-Valve, Oscillation, Tremolo, Harmonic

Example 40 — White Noise_Static, Breathy Tone

Example 41 — Sucked Pitch, Buzz Tone, Kissing Sounds

Example 42 — Vowel Sound Production

Example 43 — Enharmonic Fingerings

Example 44 — Descriptive Sounds (Dog, Bird, Siren, Etc.)

Example 45 — Vibrato, Various Speeds

Example 46 — Vibrato, Various Widths

Example 47 — Vibrato, Various Intensity

Example 48 — Vibrato, Trembling, Machine-Like, Wa-Wa

Example 49a — Quarter Tones, Scale

Example 49b — Quarter Tones, Various

Example 50 — Horn-Chords

Example 51 — Melody And Pedal Point

Example 52 — Unison Singing And Playing, Stationary And Variable Beats

Example 53 — Air Sounds

Example 54 — Air Flutter, Articulated Air Sounds

Example 55 — Mouthpiece Effects_ Hand Pops, Glissando

Example 56 — Mouthpiece, Kissing, Muted

Example 57 — Mouthpiece, Siren, Whistle, Pop, Whoosh

Example 58 — Tubular Tones, Trills, Tremolos, Thop

Example 59 — Sympathetic Vibrations In The Piano

Example 60 — Sympathetic Vibrations, Drum, Cymbal, Bow

Example 61 — Flutter Tongue Glissando

Example 62 — Flutter Tongue Trills And Tremolos

Example 63 — Trilled Glissando

Example 64 — Flutter With Alternating Muted Effects

Example 65 — Flutter With Vocalized Gliss. Or Vibrato

James Decker Interview

This interview with IHS Honorary Member James Decker was done in the mid 1990s with a public radio station in Maine.


Presenting performances by Honorary Members of the IHS.

John Barrows and Michael Höltzel perform Bernard Heiden's Five Canons for Two Horns. Recorded live at the 1971 IHS Symposium.

Daniel Bourgue performs Honorary Member Georges Barboteu'sPrintemps live at the 1982 IHS Symposium in Avignon, France.

Alan Civil plays Mozart's Concert Rondo, k371, at the 1983 International Horn Symposium.

James Decker and Pianist Nancy Bricard perform the first movement of the Sonata for Horn and Piano of Halsey Stevens.

Michael Hatfield plays Villanelle by Paul Dukas, recorded live at the 1983 IHS Symposium in Charleston, Illinois.

Charles Kavalovski plays the last movement of the Sonata by Bernard Heiden, recorded live at the 1973 IHS Symposium in Pomona, California.

David Krehbiel plays Bozza's En forêt at the 1971 IHS Symposium at Florida State University

A "Featured Artist Quartet" from the 1971 Symposium included Honorary Members, Dale Clevenger, Philip Farkas, Michael Höltzel and David Krehbiel. Here is their performance of a Gallay quartet.

Lucien Thévet plays the Long Call from Siegfried

Past President Frøydis Ree Wekre plays Honorary Member Vitaly Bujanovsky'sEspaña live at the 1982 IHS Symposium in Avignon, France.

Vitaly Buyanovsky plays Schumann's Adagio & Allegro*

Vitaly Buyanovsky plays Rossini's Prelude, Theme & Variations*

 * Thanks to Frøydis Ree Wekre for obtaining these recordings and permission to present them here

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