A trio for violin, horn, and piano by Brian Wilson has been added to IHS Online Music Sales.

The composer's description:

According to the Hebrew Bible, a high priest named Ezra the Scribe returned from the Babylonian exile and reintroduced the Torah–the five books of Jewish liturgy–to Jerusalem around 450 BCE. Ezra is credited with strengthening Jewish life, rejuvenating Torah study, and instilling aspects of religious observance that have lasted until the present. Ezra the Scribe is metaphorically referred to as the Springtime in the national history of Judaism, a time of great flowering.

My horn trio attempts to conjure up impressions of this fascinating chapter in Jewish history. The music shows influences of jazz and the Jewish liturgy: you can imagine a distant Duke Ellington in one section, in another is a very (to some) recognizable motive from the Torah service. The fast middle section, subtitled "Camel Dance," serves as my impression of Ezra and his entourage coming down from Babylon to Jerusalem.

"And Ezra the Scribe Stood Upon a Pulpit" was commissioned by the Music in the Mishkan series at Congregation Sh'ar Zahav in San Francisco, where it was premiered on 5 February 2012 by Randy Weiss, violin, Meredith Brown, horn and Marilyn Thompson, piano.

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