There are currently 193 theses on horn and related brass topics available to IHS members through our Thesis Lending Library, incouding these donations* and new acquisitions for 2013:

*Billiet, Jeroen. “200 Years of Belgian Horn School? A comprehensive Study of the Horn in Belgium, 1789-1960.” Laureate Programme diss., Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium, 2008.

Fonseca, Rinaldo de Melo. “Fernando Morais’ 20 Estudos Caracteristicos Brasileiros Para Trompa: A Performance Guide.” D.M.A. diss., University of Memphis, 2012.

House, Faxon Graham III. “York Bowen’s Works for Horn: A Performer’s Guide and Analysis.” D.M.A. doc., University of Nebraska, 2012.

*Johnson, Joseph David. “Etude Books for Horn Published from 1985 to 2011: An Annotated Guide.” D.M.A. research project, West Virginia University, 2012.

Johnson, Katie Marguerite. “Thoughtful Wanderings: A Study of the Collected Compositions of Douglas Hill.” D.M.A. diss., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012.

Pierce, Denise Lyn Root. “To Artistic Horn Playing: Perfect Legato, Beautiful Sound, Agility, and Musical Expression.” D.M.A. doc., University of Arizona, 2013.

Richards, Patrick James. “A Pedagogical Guide and Argument for Using the Harmonic Series in Teaching Beginning and Intermediate Level Horn Students.”   D.M.A. diss., University of Southern Mississippi, 2012.

Schouten, Sarah. “An Annotated Guide and Interactive Database for Solo Horn Repertoire.” D.M.A. treatise, Florida State University, 2012.

Seiffert, Stephen Lyons. “Johannes Brahms and the French Horn.” D.M.A. thesis, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, 1968.

Yeh, Guan-Lin. “Concerto for Two Horns in E-flat Major Attributed to Joseph Haydn: A New Arrangement for Wind Ensemble.” D.M.A. research project, University of Arizona, 2011.

If you have written or read a thesis that should be in our collection, please contact:

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