Brett Miller's new Etudes on Russian Masterworks have been added to the IHS Online Music Sales.

The 21 Etudes on Russian Masterworks focus on particularly demanding technical or musical challenges that horn players encounter in preparing the orchestral works of some of the great Russian orchestral composers for performance or audition. I have attempted to compose each etude in a manner that is stylistically coherent with the writing of these composers. These etudes are composed so that technique is served by musicality. While striving to make each etude extremely challenging, I composed each work as though it could be performed as an unaccompanied recital piece.

Each etude pushes the technical envelope far past the excerpt upon which it is based, whether the etude is based on articulation, dynamic control, transposition, lyricism, or pure finger technique inherent in each symphonic excerpt. It is my intention that achieving mastery on a particular etude will directly translate into an overall ease in performing the work upon which it is based. Furthermore, these etudes will develop technique that directly correlates to the performance of a symphonic work in a manner that is more musically liberating than constant repetition of a particular excerpt. Therefore, these etudes are not only beneficial to those who are learning the orchestral literature from the ground up, but for those who need a new way in which to practice and to enhance their understanding of a particular excerpt.

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