It is 72 degrees and cloudy today in Denton with an overnight low expected to be 64. Given that weather generally follows a seven-day cycle, let's keep our fingers crossed. While the registrations keep coming in, the dorm still has plenty of single and double rooms available. The dorm cafeteria is large and full of natural lighting. Meals are $7 each and can be purchased for the week or in any number on a "swipe card." The Symposium artists and IHS Advisory Council will be eating lunch and dinner in the dorm so that you have the opportunity to visit with them. Lunch-time entertainment will be provided by university horn choirs.'

If you intend to buy a banquet/barbecue ticket for Thursday evening please do so before 4 pm on May 14. We have to turn in banquet numbers at 4 pm and for every added person after that we are charged $5 extra. So the $16 ticket will go up to $21 after 4 pm Monday (no exceptions). There will be 2 buffet tables at the banquet: 1) barbecue and 2) fajitas (make your own). Some awards will be handed out at the banquet and Dennis Brain's birthday will be celebrated by playing recordings of a few of his live performances.

See you soon.

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