Gunther Schuller realized recently that he had double-booked himself for the week of the Symposium – the annual meeting of the Koussevitzky Foundation is that week in New York City and he is the President of the foundation.  Although this was quite a set back, with great pleasure I announce that Barry Tuckwell has agreed to conduct the Symposium Orchestra (and perhaps the Guiness Book of Records horn ensemble on Saturday, May 19).

Local horn repairman and merchant, Dennis Houghton, with funding from Pender’s Music, the largest sheet music store in Texas (located in Denton), has ordered 1200 bandanas with IHS, UNT, and Guiness logos for the Saturday event.  Jasper Rees (author of A Devil to Play) will be at the Symposium to serve as the Guiness witness.

Two of our original aritsts (Andrew Bain and Xiaoming Han) had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts that arose, and Pip Eastop later withdrew for good reasons. Very fortunately horn virtuoso Tsun Tak Cheung from Hong Kong, now working in Germany, has agreed to appear as a featured artist.

If you plan to fly to Dallas (either DFW or Love Field) please email your arrival and departure schedule to Bill Scharnberg (Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.) to be placed on a list for shuttle pick up.  While we cannot guarantee the shuttle will be exactly on time, every attempt will be made to transport you to and from Denton in a timely manner.

A gallon of gas is still less than a gallon of milk in Texas and you wouldn't know there were economic problems in the US by looking at the restaurant parking lots in Dallas on the weekends!  Ya hoo!

Bill Scharnberg

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