Now's the best time to join the IHS or renew an existing membership! Membership dues will increase on January 1 to $30 for students, $45 for one year and $120 for three year memberships. In addition to this year's lower rates, new members can still take advantage of the current 10% off holiday special by entering the coupon code HOLIDAY (all capital letters) on the checkout page when they join online.

Current members can renew now to add additional time to your existing membership at the lower rates. To extend your current membership, log in to your member account, click on "My Membership" in the Member Menu next to the login module and then click "upgrade/renew." Registered site users can upgrade to Member status the same way, and also take advantage of the discount coupon if they have never been members.

Those without a user account can start the membership process by clicking the "Join now" link in the login module.

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