Hornplayer.net founder and long time administrator Robin Moffatt has turned over control and administration of his popular site to the International Horn Society. Online since 1997, the site is famous for its Teachers Database, Section Listings of many ensembles from throughout the world, the Information Archive gleaned from years of posts on the horn mailing lists and most especially for the Free Classified Ads featuring only horns and horn related merchandise.

The IHS assumed control of the existing site on August 18, 2011, and will continue to provide Hornplayer.net's content and services, all completely free and open to the public, on the IHS website. Over the following weeks, the content of horn player.net will gradually be incorporated into the IHS website. When that transition is complete, hornplayer.net will cease to exist in its present form, though site visitors will still be able to reach its new location through the old domain name.

Classified advertisers are encouraged to begin posting their ads now in hornplayer.net's new location at the IHS site: Marketplace—>Member Market in the main menu. Posting will end soon at the old hornplayer.net site and once all of the ads there now have expired, that site will close and traffic to that domain will be redirected to http://www.hornsociety.org/hornplayer-dot-net.

The IHS wish to express their gratitude to Robin Moffatt for his many years of service to the horn world through his website, and to thank him for allowing the Society to continue that service.

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