Douglas Hill – Jazz Mix for Two, Set 1


Jazz Mix for Two, Set 1 is a light-hearted group of duets for horns that explore various jazz stylings not typically enjoyed by horn players. The arrangements of these original melodies are written with both parts sharing the tunes and harmonies equally.

Each duet deals with specific performance traditions.

Ramblin’ Rag is to be performed with even eighth notes, with a tendency toward shorter, accented syncopations, and a frolicking sense of fun.

Full Circle Blues gets down and dirty with a slow swing feel. It is notated in 12/8 to add to that lazy sensation. The full circle of fourths is the form of this somewhat unique 12 bar blues design.

Begin Again is to be felt as a beguine, or lightly laced Latin dance. The eighth notes are performed evenly with accents placed gently on the syncopations, as suggested, along with some lush, lyrical lines.

Swing’s the Thing harkens back to the swing era and that loping feel of nearly a compound meter. Added here is a “walking bass line”, and some additional fall-offs, glissandos, and smears.

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