Jacobus Handl Gallus– Alleluia, Cantate Domino for 12 horns (arr. Jeffrey Snedeker) has been added to the IHS Online Music Sales.

Alleluia, Cantate Domino is from a huge collection of sacred music by Jacobus Handl Gallus, a late Renaissance Slovenian composer who spent his whole life in Moravia and Bohemia. Gallus effectively mixed the polyphonic style of the Franco-Flemish School with the antiphonal style of the Venetian School. He composed over 500 works in both sacred and secular genres, mostly music for voices up to 24 parts. Opus musicus, the collection from which this piece is taken from, is his most notable work, consisting of 374 motets that covered the liturgical needs of an entire ecclesiastical year. Alleluia, Cantate Domino is for 12 voices is organized in three four-voice SATB choirs, and shows clear influence by the Venetian cori spezzati technique. This arrangement was transcribed and edited by Jeffrey Snedeker.

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