Our IHS. Our Experiences

I am incredibly excited to be your new IHS President. I have been a part of behind-the-IHS-scenes for only a few years, but I have been blown away with what every member of the Advisory Council does to support our special society.

Thanks to Frank Lloyd for his wise presidential leader- ship. Our success is very much his success, and I’ll be keeping him on speed-dial. Frank gave us four wonderful years as IHS President (twice now) and, lucky for us, will not be going far as he steps into his role as Advisory Council member yet again. Thank you, Frank, for guiding us with such deep diligence.

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London Calls

A musician’s life is often one involving traveling far and wide, touring the world and spending long periods away from home. As a young horn player, I relished traveling abroad, and looked forward to the next trip to foreign shores. On taking up a post in London in the late 1970s, the traveling became even more of a commitment, owing to the fact that I was working in so many different orchestras and chamber groups that I was often going from one tour to the next with hardly a moment to repack the suitcase − amounting in some years to spending over half of the year abroad!

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A New IHS Voting Option and an IHS Bylaws Amendment

On the ballot this year, for the first time in a number of years, is a proposed change to the IHS bylaws. This change involves corporate funding for featured artists at IHS international symposiums.

Those of you who have at some time been a member of the IHS Advisory Council know the amount of work that is entailed in the meetings that begin shortly before the start of every symposium, which sees the Advisory Council coming together to work through the Agenda Book – a catalogue of all the business involved in the running of the International Horn Society.

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Getting Involved in the IHS

The International Horn Society is your society as shown by the interest of thousands around the world (and you, if you are reading this) in all matters relating to the horn, its players, teachers, repertoire, commissions, recordings, news and reports, instruments, archives, and so on – all accessible online or through past issues of The Horn Call. And through your interest, you can help make the society even better, and help yourself in some way, by becoming involved.

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Writing this in mid-March, looking out of the window onto a snow-covered wilderness, it is hard to believe that we will ever get to Spring, let alone Summer – but with summer vacations now on the horizon as you read this, it is time to consider what to do and where to go at this time.

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