A Christmas Story

As I ponder over the plethora of technical gadgets that found their way under the Christmas tree this Christmas past, I cannot help but feel that these days one has to have a certain technical dexterity that goes far beyond getting around our beloved instrument. The array of new computers, iPad minis and iPhones which emerged from the mountain of wrapping paper on Christmas morning would need to be set up with their new users, necessitating an intimate knowledge of how to get into the local W-LAN network, knowing the WEP code how to set up an email account, a Facebook account, security setting and everything else that would be required to get these technical gadgets of the 21st century to fulfill their promise. This can put a send a shiver down the spine of a lot of people!

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President's Message, October 2012

Finishing riding a bicycle the 1,088 miles from John O'Groats in Scotland to Land's End in Cornwall was a mixture of satisfaction and profound relief – finally completing the challenge as planned – and in doing so maybe also helping myself scale the somewhat large hurdle of a 60th Birthday!

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Our lives are full of challenges. Challenges can involve striving for improvement and betterment, in life or as musicians, and they are an important part of giving us incentives and goals to work towards. I have a particular challenge and a specific goal this year.

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Playing for Fun

The Horn Call is the magazine for all members of the IHS – which are from all walks of life, a good many of them community musicians; i.e., amateurs. I was therefore surprised to hear from someone recently expressing their concerns as to how little in The Horn Call is for amateur horn players – "It's mainly for students and professionals, isn't it?" The last issue even has an article called "Amateur Sessions" on this very subject.

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IHS's New Acquisition

We (IHS) have an exciting new acquisition – we have taken over the administration of the hornplayer.net website, which for years has been the first stop-off point for anyone interested in buying or selling a horn. We sincerely thank Robin Moffatt for his years managing that site, and we look forward to continuing this important service largely unchanged, but now naturally incorporated into the IHS website. The platform still offers an important first point of contact for buyers and sellers of instruments, and I encourage you to tell anyone you know who might be considering acquiring or selling an instrument to take a look there first.

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