On the ballot this year, for the first time in a number of years, is a proposed change to the IHS bylaws. This change involves corporate funding for featured artists at IHS international symposiums.

Those of you who have at some time been a member of the IHS Advisory Council know the amount of work that is entailed in the meetings that begin shortly before the start of every symposium, which sees the Advisory Council coming together to work through the Agenda Book – a catalogue of all the business involved in the running of the International Horn Society.


Apart from the many areas concerning ballots, elections, committee selection, reports, and general business, the Advisory Council works each year to maintain the financial health of the Society and attempts to maintain the costs for membership and registration fees to attend symposiums at an affordable rate.

In order to alleviate the substantial financial burden to the host of a symposium, the Council is recommending a change to the bylaws that would remove an existing ban on corporate funding for featured artists at IHS international symposiums, thus allowing (international) hosts to source alternative funding and to consider sponsored artists. The Council believes that this change will allow hosts to secure important additional funding, which should prevent future symposiums from incurring financial losses whilst still keeping registrations affordable.

The wording of the bylaw amendment retains the clause which necessitates that the Society participate in the selection of artists in the same way it does now. This will serve to prevent commercial enterprises from controlling the artist selection process and continue to encourage the choice of featured artists coming from broad demographic and cultural backgrounds, thereby maintaining an interesting and contrasting selection of featured artists from around the world, regardless of their funding status.

The amendment also allows future changes to either increase or decrease the restrictions in the Symposium Guidelines, which hosts must agree to when submitting a symposium bid.

I’m also happy to announce that for the first time, you will be able to vote on-line. Log on to the IHS website and register your votes for Advisory Council nominees and for the bylaw amendment. For those who prefer to mail in a paper ballot, this option is still available, and a ballot card is included in this issue of The Horn Call. Please vote using either the on-line system or the paper ballot, but not both! Either way, please read the amendment carefully and vote accordingly.

Many Thanks,

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