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NameArticle TitlePagesIssue
Abate, ShelaghFrank Donaruma: Quintessential New York Freelancer54-552013 May
Abate, ShelaghFreelancing 10186-882014 May
Abate, ShelaghFreelancing 102: Cold Calls and “Duets”94-962014 Oct
Abate, ShelaghHorn Players Can Swing!912018 Feb
Abate, ShelaghIn Memoriam: Milton Phibbs (1949-2019)262019 May
Abate, ShelaghZwilich Horn Concerto54-552018 Oct
Abelson, ElizabethTributes: Dennis Abelson (1951-2007)37-382008 Feb
Abernathy, Don A.Music Enrichment Programs for Public Schools: A Guideline73-752001 May
Aebi, Franz et alIn Memoriam: Willi Aebi (1901-1986)54-561987 Oct
Aebi, WilliThe Inner Acoustics of the Horn; Die Innere Akustik des Waldhornes (German); L’Acoustique Interne du Cor (French)43-571974 Spr
Aebi, WilliStopped Horn40-431974 Spr
Aebi, WilliStopped Horn [continuation]47-491976 May
Agrell, Jeffrey2001 Corno Pazzo Contest572002 Oct
Agrell, Jeffrey21st Century Renaissance Man: Eric McIntyre55-562011 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyAdam Wolf and the Rock Horn Project34-352016 May
Agrell, JeffreyArchery, Csikszentmihalyi, and What’s Really Important, Anyway?33-362003 May
Agrell, JeffreyBeing Columbus37-382005 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyBeing Purple43-442017 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyThe Benefits of Forcing It96-982009 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyBeware of Philip Farkas79-802003 May
Agrell, JeffreyBibliography of Reference Materials on Auditioning & Orchestral Excerpts45-462001 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyBlueprint for Success73-742003 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyA Brief History of the IHS Composition Contest31-331989 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyBut I’m Not Beethoven!46-472004 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyClassical Garage Bands42-432005 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyComposing Made Easy49-522012 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyThe Creative Habit402004 May
Agrell, JeffreyCutting the Cord79-802004 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyDaniel Wood: Entrepreneurial Musician49-512012 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyDo You Ever Play Your Horn?65-662002 May
Agrell, JeffreyThe Ears Have It98-992008 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyThe End of Scales41-432017 May
Agrell, JeffreyExcerpt: Magic Flute, revisited55-591990 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyFoulk Music: Reinventing Horn Teaching and Performance with Creative Music42-442015 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyGround Hog Day and the D.A.95-962005 May
Agrell, JeffreyHeuristics for Horn Players38-392017 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyHorn Design 10165-672002 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyHorn Excerpts Clinic55-571984 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyImprovised Duets as Collaborative Learning75-762007 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyAn Indexed Bibliography of Periodical Articles on the Horn (I)51-541976 May
Agrell, JeffreyAn Interview with Kazimierz Machala45-472013 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyAn Interview with Professor Cabbage – Brian Holmes962009 May
Agrell, JeffreyInterview with Ricardo Matosinhos – Millennium Musician40-422014 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyJames Naigus: Composing for Horn in the New Millennium38-402016 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic25-271986 Apr
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic66-671986 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic61-621987 Apr
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: The Art of Noise61-621990 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Dominant Behavior55-581991 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Dr. Agrell’s Amazing Jazz Quiz83-881991 Apr
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Onemanband: I. Basics47-481989 Apr
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Onemanband: II. Going Comping38-391989 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Onemanband: III. Putting It All Together23-281990 Apr
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: There’ll be Some Changes Made …86-891988 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyMike Simpson: Jazz Horn Life38-392016 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyNew Millennium Musician: A Jack(ie) of All Trades: Interview with Jacquelyn Adams34-362015 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyOff the Beaten Path: Tales of Creative Hornists, Part I54-572010 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyOff the Beaten Path: Tales of Creative Hornists, Part II55-572011 Feb
Agrell, Jeffrey“Often it is the Horn Player”67-692001 Nov
Agrell, JeffreyPaul Basler: Close-up of a Creative Hornist36-382014 May
Agrell, JeffreyPeak Performance Bibliography512006 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyPerformers as Composers69-702006 May
Agrell, JeffreyPip Eastop: Creative Hornist of the Year96-992003 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyProdigious Producer: William Melton34-362015 May
Agrell, JeffreyProfile: Arkady Schilkloper, Russian Jazz Hornist31-331992 Apr
Agrell, JeffreyRe-creating Re-creation57-582007 May
Agrell, JeffreyThe Song-O-Nome – Finding Beats Per Minute Using Familiar Tunes and Songs1082008 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: 1. Quick Study67-682001 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: 2. Power Scales63-642001 Aug
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: 3. Beyond Power Scales: Patterns79-802001 Nov
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: 4. The Stepping Stone Approach85-862002 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Learning from Others: 1. Low Brass77-782002 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Learning from Others: 2. Trumpet752002 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Accountant and the Artist77-782003 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: More Percussion, Less Discussion35-362003 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Beyond Kopprasch65-662004 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Forest or the Trees80-812004 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Lessons from the Gym86-872004 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Checklist & Tools86-872005 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Alpine Warm-Ups60-612005 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Personal Etude58-592006 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Getting Control of the Drunken Monkey47-502006 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Duets – A New Pedagogical Tool36-372007 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Value of Mistakes55-562007 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Indexed Technical Etudes51-532007 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny, or Only Natural85-872008 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Importance of Not Playing32-342009 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Accuracy92-942010 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Technique through Tunes: Using Familiar Tune to Develop Technical and Aural Skills68-692011 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Fingering Magic72-742012 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Getting in the Zone78-802012 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Symbol Pleasures75-762013 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Pain, Gain, the Horn, and Mastery73-742013 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Technique Microcosms45-472014 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Arpeggio Challenge45-462014 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Card Tricks: Using Flashcards for Technique Study39-402015 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Continuosity47-482015 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: The Brandenburg Ramp39-412016 May
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Tabata for Horn Players43-442016 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyTechnique Tips: Two-Key Triad Loosen-Ups/Warm-Ups73-742017 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyVoices… on Creativity in Horn Playing97-982007 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyWhacks on the Side of the Head for Creative Hornists77-782006 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyWhat’s Stopping You? Thoughts on Making Music in the New Millennium40-422014 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyYou Play! – You Rock!45-472012 May
Alberola I Verdú Josep AntoniThe Horn in Valencia; La Trompa en Valencia (Spanish)53-582003 Oct
Albertyn, ErikThe Horn Profession in South Africa64-662005 Feb
Albertyn, ErikIndigenous African Horns: Ixilongo, Makondere, and African Horn Bands48-522005 May
Albrecht, TheodoreBenedict Fuchs, Franz Eisen, and Michael Herbst: the Hornists in Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony at its First Performances in Vienna, 1805-180939-492003 Oct
Albrecht, TheodoreA Case of Mistaken Gender: Camillo Bellonci (1781-?)107-1082004 Feb
Albrecht, TheodoreElias (Eduard Constantin) Lewy and the First Performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony27-331999 May
Allen, EdmundAn 8-D Ascending Horn381981 Apr
Allen, RenéeSalon Music86-892020 Feb
Ambache, DianaHorn Repertoire by Women Composers42-442018 Oct
Amram, DavidSome Thoughts on Coming to IHS 50912018 May
Anderer, JosephA & A-flat Horn in Italian Opera55-561995 Nov
Anderer, JosephExcerpt: The Prelude to Das Rheingold59-601994 Nov
Anderson, Einar W.The Horn Club of Los Angeles14-151974 Aut
Anderson, MarkInner Voices: The Alto or Tenor Horn57-622012 May
Anderson, PaulTwo Projects Commemorate the Life of One of Our Members108-1091992 Oct
Andrieux, VincentThe French Horn School during the Belle Epoque: Investigation into “Prehistoric” Recordings, (translation by Chris Larkin and Kate Malahieude)32-412020 Feb
Arango, Erika J.Jazz in the Horn World?51-532019 Oct
Arias, JoelLatin America Regional Report: Panama322018 Oct
Arias, JoelLatin America Regional Report: Venezuela322018 Oct
Ashworth, RobertFurther Thoughts and Theories on Hand Stopping35-371993 Nov
Aspaugh, ErinHorn Manufacturers, Models, and Distributors27-521997 Feb
Atkinson, LyleStaying in shape … and a Lot More!94-952008 May
Atwell, BruceHorn Recital Preparation and Performance: An Interview Project49-612008 May
Atwell, BruceRecovery from Lip Surgery: A Cautionary Tale77-782015 Oct
Augusto, AntonioThe Brazilian Repertoire for Horn23-271998 Feb
Austin, PaulContemporary Natural Horn Compositions (1982-1992)41-441994 May
Austin, PaulA Conversation with Anthony Halstead17-251996 Feb
Austin, PaulLoose Canons: Where are Stravinsky’s Canons for Two Horns?63-651999 Aug
Axelson, DavidDoug Hall’s “Pay it Forward” Gift to a Young Horn Player462014 May
Bach, JanJan Bach’s Laudes16-201990 Oct
Bacon, ThomasExcerpt: Chopin Piano Concerto #268-691987 Oct
Baker, JamesHorn Players Guide to Work in Mexico City and Toluca90-911984 Oct
Balmuth, JerryAn Interview with Domenico Ceccarossi53-581972 Nov
Barboteu, M. GeorgesThe Evolution of the Horn in France and Its School; Du Cor (French)23-401976 May
Barboteu, M. GeorgesThe Evolution of the Horn in France and Its School [reprint]33-382000 Aug
Barg, JoelKerry Turner: from the King Ranch to the American Horn Quartet23-291995 Nov
Bartók, Béla“Alphorn”47-482001 May
Bate, PhilipIn Memoriam: Reginald F. Morley-Pegge (1890-1972)18-191972 Nov
Baumann, HellaThe Horn as a Symbol40-481981 Apr
Baumann, HellaSecond International Competition for Hand Horn, Bad Harzburg, West Germany, 198719-201987 Oct
Baumann, HellaStories from the Wife of a Traveling Hornist33-341998 Aug
Baumann, HermannAfter the Stroke29-301998 Aug
Baumann, HermannHorn and Piano Duo Master Class20-221990 Apr
Baumann-Cloughly, CeciliaIn Memoriam: Kurt Janetzky (1906-1994)591995 May
Beach, Robert F.A Search for Better Intonation28-371978 May
Becker, LaurenA Hornist in the American Wild61-642017 May
Becknell, NancyLouis François Dauprat (1781-1886)55-571981 Apr
Belfrage, BengtDamage Due to Overstrain in Brass Players21-241993 Apr
Bell, KennethA Bibliographic Survey of the Horn in Chamber Music, 1750-183037-431987 Apr
Bell, KennethA Tribute to Ted Thayer932003 Oct
Bentley, KelseyTim Talks: A Duscussion with Tim Martin on the Subject of Lament89-912017 Oct
Bergstaller, JosefThe Summit Brass Ensemble Competition, 1992861992 Oct
Betts, Kendall et alTributes: Mason Jones (1919-2009)32-362009 May
Bigelow, NewtonOn Learning the Horn48-521987 Apr
Bilger, Angela CordellA Conversation with Jennifer Montone: Jaw and Back Injuries42-442020 Feb
Billiet, JeroenBrave Belgians! IHS51.Ghent: Return to an Iconic Place in the History of the Horn60-642019 Feb
Billiet, JeroenLouis-Victor Dufrasne and the Belgian Influence on American Horn Playing92-992015 May
Binsley, AndrewWhere Do Orchestral Horn Players Come From?842008 Oct
Binsley, ErikaElectronic Tools for Hornists52-532014 Feb
Binsley, ErikaKoetsier’s Skurrile Elegie for Wagner Tuba and String Quartet104-1052016 Oct
Birnstingl, RogerA Tribute to William Bilenko372004 Feb
Black, KerinThe Alexander Technique: An Introduction for Horn Players65-662013 Feb
Blackstone, DouglasThe Five Most Difficult First Horn Parts54-552013 Feb
Blackstone, DouglasThe Five Most Satisfying First Horn Parts That I Have Played63-642013 May
Blake, CurtissMeir Rimon Discography941992 Apr
Blandford, W.F.H.Bach’s Horn Parts23-271979 Apr
Blandford, W.F.H.The Fourth Horn in the “Choral Symphony”52-591980 Apr
Blandford, W.F.H.Das Vierte Horn in Beethovens 9. Sinfonie (German)59-661980 Apr
Blomster, Jennie et alSelected Resources for Classical Hand Horn: An Annotated Bibliography88-922006 Feb
Blonk, Stefan et alHermann Baumann: A Pioneer on Natural Horn59-621998 Aug
Boerger, RonThe Electronic Hornist732000 Nov
Boerger, RonHornists on the ‘Net: Thomas Bacon75-762001 Nov
Boerger, RonFinding Horn-Related Information on the Internet572001 Feb
Boerger, RonFinding what You Need on the World Wide Web75-802003 May
Boerger, RonMaking Music … With Your PC!732002 May
Boerger, RonMaking Music … With Your PC! Part 2.67-682002 Oct
Boerger, RonPhishing, viruses, and scams: Don’t let yourself get caught!60-612004 May
Boerger, RonThe Promise – and the Peril – of “blogging”442006 Oct
Boerger, RonThe Promise – and the Peril – of Buying Online772002 Feb
Boerger, RonSites, Sites, and More Sites632001 May
Boldin, JamesBrass Trio Repertoire: Beyond Poulenc57-642015 May
Boldin, JamesA Guide to Daily Routines47-522011 May
Boldin, JamesAn Interview with Daren Robbins49-512013 Feb
Boldin, JamesTeacher Talk: An Interview with Douglas Hill47-542011 Feb
Boldin, JamesWhy the Brass Quintet?69-732009 May
Bonaparte, SabrinaWilliam Robinson: The Architect of the IHS53-582006 May
Bonet, JavierA Lost Horn Concerto is Found after 233 Years: An Interview with Elies Moncholi Cervero52-532013 Oct
Bonet, Javier et alConcerto for Horn and Orchestra: Ab Originie (transl. Nancy Jordan Fako)47-482010 May
Bontrager, Lisa O.Favorite Solo Pieces53-561996 May
Bontrager, Lisa O. et alFavorite Solo Pieces, Op. 261-642015 Feb
Bosler, AnnieEtudes from the Repertoire: An Interview with Steven Becknell45-462019 Feb
Bosler, AnnieThe Robinson Brothers47-492007 Feb
Bostley, Edward J.The Function of the Horn in the Middle Works of Gustav Mahler44-681992 Ann
Bourgue, DanielAround the World in 80 Years: Chapter XVII – The Comic Opera49-512019 Feb
Bourgue, DanielA Conversation with Edmond Leloir33-402002 May
Bourgue, DanielCor ou Trompe? Cor d’harmonie ou Cor naturel? French Horn ou Cor Allemand? Pavillon ou Cloche? [French & English]103-1042013 Feb
Bourgue, DanielExcerpt: Olivier Messiaen: Des Canyons aux Étoiles (also in French)35-381993 Apr
Bourgue, DanielHomage to Georges Barboteu (1924-2006); Hommage à Georges Barboteu (French)39-402007 Feb
Bourgue, DanielHomage to Lucien Thévet37-391995 Nov
Bourgue, DanielHomage to Lucien Thévet;Hommage à Lucien Thévet (French)472007 Oct
Bourgue, DanielIn Memoriam Edmond Leloir (1912-2003) (French and English)63-642004 Feb
Bourgue, DanielInternational Horn Festival, Vire, France; Festival International de Cor de Vire (French)27-282002 May
Boyd, Amy GierIn Memoriam: Eugene Bozza (1905-1991)103-1061992 Oct
Boyer, EmilyEntrepreneurial Chamber Music31-322018 Feb
Bracegirdle, LeeKruspe Horns – Back in Business502014 Oct
Bracegirdle, LeeThe New York School: Its Development and its Relationship with the Viennese Style16-241984 Apr
Bracegirdle, LeeSydney Symphony Orchestra Horns74-762010 May
Brain, DennisA Letter from Dennis Brain [reprint]772000 Aug
Braun, ElaineOut the Bell: Why is it the “horn” and not the “French horn”1082012 Oct
Brest, PaulOn Being a Chronically Untalented Amateur Chamber Musician1082005 Oct
Briegleb, Arthur et alMusic Available for Ensembles of Horns11-181972 May
Brockway, OliverMozart and Haydn: Some Mis-Attributions?16-231973 May
Brockway, OliverSpecialist Publications for Horn: A British Contribution62-641985 Apr
Brooks, ArthurHorn Playing in the Brass Quintet Context99-1001986 Apr
Brophy, William R.The Use of Third Valve Fingerings on the Horn41-441976 Nov
Brotons, Salvador et alConcerto for Horn and Orchestra: Ab Originie (transl. Nancy Jordan Fako)47-482010 May
Brown, TomThe Hunting Horn and the Classic Style38-511980 Apr
Brüchle, BernhardAn Unknown Work for Horn by Richard Strauss21-231972 Nov
Brummitt, EricAntonio Tosoroni’s Metodo per il corno a tre piston: Valve Horn Technique in Nineteenth-Century Italy60-622013 May
Brummitt, EricCor mixte: An Introduction41-442008 May
Bryan, David J.The Barry Tuckwell Institute: A Rare and Life-Altering Learning Experience65-662013 May
Bryan, David J.From the Balcony69-702013 May
Buehler, EmilyNew Connections: An Inter-Disciplinary Performance81-822019 Feb
Bush, John-MorganAn Interview with Julie Landsman30-322010 May
Buyanovsky, VitaliThree Hundred Years of Horn Playing in Russia26-282019 Feb
Byler, Charles L.“What Did George Washington Play on His Horn?”40-431992 Apr
Byrne, Frank and Michael GroseArnold Jacobs Reconsidered: Reflections on a Legacy at the Centennial of His Birth30-322016 May
Byrne, Joan S.“Moldau Journey”65-671977 May
Caluori, NicholasLorenzo Sansone (1881-1975)47-572005 Feb
Caluori, NicholaMusings & Milestones – A Spotlight on Gregory Hustis94-972011 Oct
Campbell, GordonRemembering Antonio Iervolino (1912-199087-881990 Oct
Capehart, PaulRecording Recollections83-842008 May
Carey, MelHigh Horn, Low Horn452015 Feb
Carlson, Patrick35 Years of International Horn Workshops432003 Feb
Carr, Cynthia L.A College Guide for High School Horn Students and Their Teachers71-732006 May
Carr, Cynthia L.Music for Oboe, Horn, and Piano Trio33-402001 Feb
Case, KevinThe Commoditization of Symphony Orchestra Musicians71-722013 May
Cass, GregAn Interview with Greg Cass: Life after Horn Playing68-702010 Oct
Catterick, TonyObituary: Farquharson Cousins (1917-2017)29-302017 Oct
Catterick, Tony et alObituary: Richard Ifor James (1931-2004)27-282005 Feb
Cavitt, Mary EllenThe Mechanics of Lip Trills97-982006 Feb
Ceccarossi, DomenicoPhrasing; Fraseggio (Italian)51-541976 Nov
Cecil, RobertComrades [Poland]46-471971 May
Cerminaro, JohnThe Audition System in America35-362000 May
Cerminaro, JohnHorn Playing in the New Millennium: The Triple Horn33-342005 Feb
Cerminaro, JohnMartin Smith (1947-2005)65-662006 Feb
Cerminaro, John et alTributes: Richard Perissi (1921-2007)392008 Feb
Chambers, Rebecca & Sarah SchoutenWhat Now? Life between Your Graduate Degree and Your Dream Job56-572018 Feb
Chenoweth, RichardThe 28th Season of the Santa Fe Opera19-271985 Apr
Chenoweth, RichardAudition Basics39-421996 Feb
Chenoweth, RichardExcerpt: Orchestral Notes: Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro49-522010 May
Chenoweth, RichardExcerpt: Mozart’s Opera Cosi fan tutte, Aria No. 25 “…Per pieta…”51-532008 Oct
Chenoweth, RichardGoing Pro: It’s More than the $$59-612014 Oct
Chenoweth, RichardThe Horn in Opera: A Perspective from the Pit55-632000 May
Chenoweth, RichardIn Memoriam: Jaroslav (“Jerry”) Knop (1918-2000)262001 Feb
Chenoweth, RichardAn Interview with Terry Johns57-622014 May
Chenoweth, RichardAn Interview with Tom Varner44-452011 Oct
Chenoweth, RichardLegacy of the Berv Brothers; Part I: Orchestral Performance, Teaching, & Traditions33-402012 May
Chenoweth, RichardLegacy of the Berv Brothers; Part II: Reminiscences from Ken Berv & Louis Denaro39-452013 May
Chenoweth, RichardMahler’s Symphony No. 5: An Interview with Karl Pituch37-392012 Feb
Chenoweth, RichardMendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream41-422011 May
Chenoweth, RichardPerforming on Natural Horn for Valve Horn Players: An Interview with Paul Austin41-452010 Oct
Chenoweth, RichardPlaying for Keeps: Orchestral Etiquette49-532009 Feb
Chenoweth, RichardProfessional Performance Careers – the Advantages of Chamber Music39-422013 Oct
Chenoweth, RichardRobert W. Elworthy119-1231989 Apr
Chenoweth, RichardSelecting a New Horn55-591997 Feb
Chenoweth, RichardThe Times, They Are a’Changing43-442011 Oct
Chenoweth, RichardA University of Dayton Master Class: A Bibliography of Large Orchestral Works611992 Apr
Chesebro, GayleAn Analysis of Bujanovsky’s Sonata for Horn Solo32-331977 May
Chesebro, GayleHorn-Lokk: An Analysis and Commentary15-171975 Nov
Chesebro, GayleThe IHS Archive – A Resource for Regional Workshops58-591986 Jun
Chesebro, GayleLaudatio: an Analysis511979 Oct
Chesko, Ed & Chuck WardPlastic on Brass Instruments351989 Apr
Chesky, Kris & Amyn AmlandMusici an Earplugs35-362014 Feb
Chiappero, FernandoACLA: Latin American Horn Society272001 Nov
Chiappero, FernandoLatin America Regional Report312018 Oct
Chicarello, LauraBecoming a “Complete Musician” ‒ Wayne Lu’s 11 Exigent Etudes for Horn39-412018 Feb
Chinworth, BarbaraReports from the 2011 Symposium: Amateur Sessions572011 Oct
Chollet, FabriceLe jeune pâtre reton, Melody with horn by Hector Berlioz (French & English)95-1002005 Feb
Christinat, LukasExcerpt: Brahms Symphony No. 1, 4th Movement891991 Apr
Civilette, KurtSteel Yourself for Battle: Military Strategy for Audition Preparation103-1042014 Feb
Clark, AndrewThe Horn Represents God?98-1002012 Oct
Clark, JohnAn Interview with David Amram56-572010 May
Clark, SandraBreathing: What Works for Me71-732003 May
Cochran Block, NancyEnsemble Etiquette51-531986 Apr
Codreanu, CristianA Horn Player’s Destiny – From Behind the Iron Curtain48-512017 Feb
Codreanu, CristianMy Stand Partner90-912017 May
Coghill, GeneA Lesson with Abe45-461992 Apr
Coghill, GeneMy First Teacher, Arcady Yegudkin – “The General”15-191984 Oct
Coghill, GeneA Summer with Jimmy29-361990 Apr
Coleman, David F.Starting and Operating a Successful Chamber Ensemble88-902017 Feb
Collorafi, JimOn Reconstructing Mozart’s Unfinished Horn Concerti13-171982 Apr
Collorafi, JimSchubert’s alla breve62-671986 Apr
Conti-EntinTwo Teaching Aids for Horn70-731977 Nov
Cooper, ChristopherMy Audition with the Canadian Brass512000 May
Cooper, ZacharyAn Interview with Bill Robinson76-802019 Feb
Cowan, ThomasProfile: Interview with Charles Kavalovski62-671976 Nov
Cowan, ThomasProfile: Interview with Norman Schweikert56-611976 May
Cowan, ThomasProfile: Interview with Philip Farkas60-691977 Nov
Cowan, ThomasProfile: Interview with Philip Farkas [reprint]43-472000 Aug
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 1. Making Our Business “Our Business”47-482008 Feb
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 2. Selecting a Negotiation Team47-482008 May
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 3. Getting Along as a Negotiation Team47-482008 Oct
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 4. Preparation and Research47-482009 Feb
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 5. Meeting the Other Side45-462009 May
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 6. Getting to Yes45-472009 Oct
Cox, JohnNegotiations – 7. Signing and Aftermath47-482010 Feb
Cox, TedMusical Growth Through Yoga27-292007 May
Crocker, SamMozart’s Horn Concerto No. 2 and the Theories of Heinrich Koch56-572013 Feb
Cryder, JohnEarly Horn-Bell Research at Lawson Brass Instruments53-541995 Feb
Currie, Barbara JöstleinMichelle Reed Baker Retires from the Met86-892017 May
Cumming, AshleyAuditions in North America Today64-722015 Oct
Cumming, AshleyThe Birth of the US Orchestral Audition49-522015 Feb
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Beta Blockers and Stage Fright (Performance Anxiety)69-702005 Feb
Dalrymple, Glenn V.The Carmine Caruso Method71-722008 Oct
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Focal Embouchure Dystonia and Musicians45-462006 Feb
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Horn Playing and the Small Woman66-682005 May
Dalrymple, Glenn V. et alMacular Degeneration: Basics69-712007 Oct
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Medical Issues: An Interview with Lucinda Lewis55-562009 Feb
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Medical Problems and Horn Playing: IHS Symposium 200352-602004 Feb
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Overuse Injuries: An Interview with Lucinda Lewis49-502006 May
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Strength and Endurance: 1. Whole Body63-652006 Oct
Dalrymple, Glenn V.Strength and Endurance: 2. Professional Setting37-382007 May
Dalrymple, Glenn V.The Stuffy Horn66-691972 May
Damicone, Tiffany N.The Singing Style of the Bohemians: Part 1 – A 300-year Tradition of Czech Horn Playing94-1022014 Feb
Damicone, Tiffany N.The Singing Style of the Bohemians: Part 2 – The Modern Czech Horn School80-852014 May
Damicone, Tiffany N.The Singing Style of the Bohemians: Part 3 – Czech Influence in America and Czech Horn Publications80-852014 Oct
Damm, PeterThe 125th Anniversary of the Concerto for Horn, Op. 11 by Richard Strauss56-672012 Oct
Damm, Peter125 Jahre Konzert für Waldhorn, Op. 11 von Richard Strauss (German)56-672012 Oct
Damm, PeterOn the Articulation Marks in Mozart’s Horn Concerti37-451978 Nov
Damm, PeterDid Mozart Really Compose Only Four Horn Concertos?; Hat Mozart Wirklich Nur Vier Hornkonzerte Komponiert? (German)23-271980 Apr
Damm, PeterFarewell to Markneukirchen / Abschied von Markneukirchen (German and English)332018 Oct
Danner, GregoryHeinrich Domnich’s Methode de Premier et de Second Cor: Lessons in Musicianship for Today’s Student47-491989 Oct
Davis, Hazel DeanArcturus572004 May
Dean, DavidImproving Left Hand Finger Dexterity: A Response79-821998 Nov
Deane, RichardThe Third Horn Brahms Experience: Helping the Student Master the Psychology of Orchestra Playing31-332007 May
Decker, JamesDouble or Nothing: How tight money in Hollywood is popularizing Deskants and Tuben37-411972 May
Decker, JamesIn Memoriam: Arthur Briegleb (1932-1990)911991 Oct
Decker, RichardA Complete Discography of Recordings Made Philip Farkas, James Chambers, and Mason Jones20-581989 Ann
Decker, RichardThoughts on Auditioning31-321985 Apr
Decker, RichardProfile: A Tribute to Richard Moore (1914-1988)29-411986 Apr
DeGrazia, EmilioHorn Call (poem)862009 Feb
DeGrazia, EmilioHorn Lore107-1082011 Feb
Deitemyer, Liz et alThe Alloy Horn Quartet84-852018 Feb
Delano, AliceMozart Horn Concerto K. 495: A Study of Editions25-291987 Oct
DeMeulle, Allison2016 Symposium Report312016 Oct
DeMeulle, AllisonThe 51st International Horn Symposium302019 Oct
Denney, Kathryn TroupPlaying for Two: Horn Playing While Pregnant41-442008 Feb
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