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Abelson, DennisTributes: Dennis Abelson (1951-2007)Abelson, Elizabeth37-382008 Feb
Adams, JacquelynNew Millennium Musician: A Jack(ie) of All Trades: Interview with Jacquelyn AdamsAgrell, Jeffrey34-362015 Feb
Aebi, WilliIn Memoriam: Willi Aebi (1901-1986)Aebi, Franz et al54-561987 Oct
Alexander (brothers)Gebr. Alexander, Mainz 1782-1982Dutlenhoefer, Marie28-351982 Oct
Allen, DavidIn Memoriam: David Allen (1928-2000)Medford Press202002 May
Al Shaeiry, HamidA Libyan in EgyptSelim, Amr47-482019 Feb
Amram, DavidAn Interview with David AmramClark, John56-572010 May
Anderson, PaulIHS Honorary Membership AwardsSnedeker, Jeffrey252001 Aug
Anderson, PaulObituaries: Paul Anderson (1922-2015)-272016 Feb
Anderson, PaulA Tribute to Paul AndersonScharnberg, William90-931989 Oct
Andrus, Brice1999 Punto Award: Brice AndrusMartin, Jean35-361999 Aug
Arnold, MalcolmBrothers in Brass: the Friendship of Malcom Arnold and Dennis BrainLynch, William C.72-782016 Oct
Ashby, JeromeTributes: Jerome Ashby (1956-2007)-36-402008 May
Avril, PaulObituaries: Paul Avril (1923-2018)Boden, John242019 Feb
Axup, JosephTributes: Joseph Axup (1926-2008)Axup, Mary et al392008 Oct
Baborák, RadekAn Interview with Radek BaborákMetzger, Assja41-442001 May
Bach, JanJonathan Boen Premieres Jan Bach’s Horn ConcertoSchweikert, Norman64-691983 Oct
Bacon, ThomasHornists on the ‘Net: Thomas BaconBoerger, Ron75-762001 Nov
Bacon, ScottSiegfried’s Call and Scott BaconJenkins, Ellie31-322017 Oct
Baker, David N.Obituaries: David N. Baker (1931-2016)-222016 May
Baker, Michelle ReedMichelle Reed Baker Retires from the MetCurrie, Barbara Jöstlein86-892017 May
Barboteu, Georges1998 Honorary MembersScharnberg, William311998 Nov
Barboteu, GeorgesHomage to Georges Barboteu (1924-2006); Hommage a Georges Barboteu (French)Bourgue, Daniel39-402007 Feb
Barnes, Ernestine D.Another Female Hornist: Ernestine Delcamp BarnesBarnes, Darrel922016 Oct
Barrington, WayneObituaries: Wayne Barrington (1924-2011)-352011 Oct
Barrington, WayneA Tribute to Wayne BarringtonScharnberg, William33-352001 Aug
Barrows, John R.In Memoriam: John R. Barrows (1913-1974)Wilder, Alec et al22-251974 Spr
Bartholomew, MaryA Retirement Tribute to Mary Bartholomew-262001 Nov
Basler, PaulA Man of Many Talents: Paul Basler [An Interview]Lanham, Lynn89-912007 May
Basler, PaulPaul Basler: Close-up of a Creative HornistAgrell, Jeffrey36-382014 May
Battey, DavidA Tribute to David BatteyScharnberg, William231999 Aug
Battey, DavidTributes: David Battey (1936-2006) “… known for wit”Simnacher, Joe41-422007 Feb
Baumann, HermannAfter the StrokeBaumann, Hermann29-301998 Aug
Baumann, HermannHermann Baumann: A BiographyKreutzer, Hans Joachim23-261998 Aug
Baumann, HermannHermann Baumann: The Master’s VoiceOgnibene, Joseph97-1002013 Oct
Baumann, HermannHermann Baumann: A Pioneer on Natural HornBlonk, Stefan et al59-621998 Aug
Baumann, HermannHermann Baumann DiscographyPerlewitz, Friedel45-511998 Aug
Baumann, HermannThe Horn as a SymbolBaumann, Hella37-421998 Aug
Baumann, HermannLaudatio for Hermann Baumann-55-571998 Aug
Baumann, HermannReflections: Students and Colleagues-65-791998 Aug
Baumann, HermannStories from the Wife of a Traveling HornistBaumann, Hella33-341998 Aug
Baumann, HermannTributes from Friends and Collaborators-81-831998 Aug
Beck, Reinhold I.A Forgotten Master Composer for HornMelton, William65-702013 Oct
Becknell, Nancy EllenObituaries: Nancy Ellen Becknell (1929-2016)-252017 Feb
Becknell, StevenEtudes from the Repertoire: An Interview with Steven BecknellBosler, Annie45-462019 Feb
Berge, SigurdIn Memoriam: Sigurd Berge (1929-2002)-202002 May
Bernoulli, WilhelmIn Memoriam: The Rev. Dr. H.c. Wilhelm BernoulliMende, Emily361981 Apr
Berv brothersLegacy of the Berv Brothers; Part I: Orchestral Performance, Teaching, & TraditionsChenoweth, Richard33-402012 May
Berv brothersLegacy of the Berv Brothers; Part II: Reminiscences from Ken Berv and Louis DenaroChenoweth, Richard39-452013 May
Berv brothersLetter to the EditorSchweikert, Norman6-72006 May
Berv, ArthurLegacy of the Berv Brothers; Part I: Orchestral Performance, Teaching, & TraditionsChenoweth, Richard33-402012 May
Berv, HarryIn Memory of Harry Berv (1917-2005)Strobel, John D.37-382006 Feb
Berv, JackLetter to the EditorBerv, Valerie (daughter)62006 May
Betts, KendallObituaries: Kendall Betts (1947-2016)-272016 Oct
Bevan, ArthurObituaries: Arthur Bevan (1927-2011)-322012 Oct
Bevan, Arthur1992 Punto Award: Arthur BevanPurton, Michael981992 Oct
Bilenko, WilliamA Tribute to William BilenkoBirnstingl, Roger372004 Feb
Billiet, Jeroen2019 Punto Awards: Jeroen Billiet-34-352019 Oct
Billiet, JeroenAn Interview with Jeroen Billiet – Host IHS51Mascher-Turner, Kristina29-312019 May
Birnbaum, Eric HaroldEric Harold Birnbaum (1949-1994)Gardner, Gary D.43-441994 Nov
Blake, CurtissObituaries: Curtis Blake-232004 Oct
Blake, CurtissA Tribute to Curtiss Blake (1940-2004)Lindsay, Kevin et al39-402005 Feb
Bloom, Myron2014 Honorary Members-372014 Oct
Bloom, MyronObituaries: Myron Bloom (1926-2019)Cerminaro, John et al27-302020 Feb
Boen, JonathanJonathan Boen Premieres Jan Bach’s Horn ConcertoSchweikert, Norman64-691983 Oct
Bonna, Marcus2017 Punto Award: Marcus BonnaKloss, Marilyn Bone532017 Oct
Bonnevie, RobertObituaries: Robert Bonnevie (1934-2012)Bargreen, Melinda43-442012 Oct
Boston SymphonyHorn Players of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1881-1988Yeo, Douglas47-611988 Apr
Bourge, DanielAround the World in 80 Years: Chapter XVII – The Comic OperaBourge, Daniel49-512019 Feb
Bourge, DanielHonorary Member: Daniel Bourgue-602008 Oct
Bourge, DanielAn Interview with Daniel Bourgue (French and English)Fako, Nancy Jordan30-342017 May
Bozza, EugeneIn Memoriam: Eugene Bozza (1905-1991)Boyd, Amy Gier103-1061992 Oct
Brain, Alfred EdwinAlfred Edwin Brain (1885-1966): A forgotten British Horn Virtuoso?Jones, Leighton49-572004 Oct
Brain, Alfred EdwinAlfred Edwin Brain Jnr (1885-1966): Prince of Horn Players: The Forgotten British Horn Virtuoso: Part IJones, Leighton99-1052015 Oct
Brain, Alfred EdwinAlfred Edwin Brain Jnr (1885-1966): Prince of Horn Players: The Forgotten British Horn Virtuoso: Part IIJones, Leighton91-992016 Feb
Brain, Alfred EdwinAlfred Edwin Brain Jnr (1885-1966): Prince of Horn Players: The Forgotten British Horn Virtuoso: Part IIIJones, Leighton80-992016 May
Brain, Alfred EdwinAlfred Edwin Brain Jnr (1885-1966): Prince of Horn Players: The Forgotten British Horn Virtuoso: Part IVJones, Leighton93-1032016 Oct
Brain, DennisAn American in England: Dennis Brain and the Missing EpisodeLynch, William C.51-522016 May
Brain, DennisBrothers in Brass: the Friendship of Malcom Arnold and Dennis BrainLynch, William C.72-782016 Oct
Brain, DennisDennis Brain: A DiscographyDressler, John C.49-511991 Oct
Brain, DennisDennis Brain: New-Found Unpublished HoldingsLynch, William C.62-642014 Feb
Brain, DennisDennis Brain Recordings Discovered at Stanford UniversityLynch, William C.42-442005 May
Brain, DennisDennis Brain: A Life in Music: The First Edition and a New EditionGamble, Stephen832020 Feb
Brain, DennisDennis Brain: A Seventieth-Birthday TributeDressler, John C.47-481991 Oct
Brain, DennisDennis Brain’s HornsEricson, John Q.31-342016 Feb
Brain, DennisKaoru Chiba on Dennis Brain: An InterviewChiba, Kaoru962008 Feb
Brain, DennisA Letter from Dennis BrainBrain, Dennis481971 May
Brain, DennisA Letter from Dennis Brain [reprint]Brain, Dennis772000 Aug
Brain, DennisPhilip Farkas and Dennis BrainFako, Nancy Jordan35-362018 May
Brain, DennisProfile: the Legacy of Dennis BrainMeckna, Michael55-561991 Apr
Brain, DennisA Very British Partnership – Dennis Brain and the BBCStoneman, Jonathan49-532007 May
Braun, Elaine2019 Service Medal of Honor: Elaine Braun-35-362019 Oct
Briegleb, ArthurIn Memoriam: Arthur Briegleb (1926-1990)Decker, James911991 Oct
Briggs, ClaireA Pioneer Lady HornistHumphries, John27-281991 Oct
Brisbin, JohnObituaries: John David Kincaid Brisbin (1937-2019)-302020 Feb
Brittin, AnthonyPunto Award Recipients: Anthony Birttin-382012 Oct
Britton, HaroldObituaries: Harold Britton (1918-2016)Shaver, Lowell25-262017 Feb
Brouk, FrankFrank Brouk Retires from the Chicago SymphonySchweikert, Norman75-781979 Apr
Brouk, FrankObituaries: Frank Brouk-232004 May
Brouk, FrankA Tribute to Frank Brouk (1913-2004)Greer, Lowell D.37-382004 Oct
Browne, EmilyA’tudes & Brews: An Interview with Emily BrowneRexroat, Carrie48-502016 May
Brüchle, BernardObituaries: Berhard Brüchle (1942-2011)-292012 Feb
Buck, Jim, Jr.Obituaries: Jim Buck, Jr.McGavin, Andrew661997 Nov
Bueker, FrankObituaries: Frank Bueker-282011 Oct
Bujanovsky, VitaliAn American in LeningradWalker, Ann Ellsworth42-441990 Apr
Bujanovsky, VitaliThe Legacy of Vitali Bujanovsky (1938-1993)Meckna, Michael23-241993 Nov
Burkholder, John NicholasObituaries: John Nicholas Burkholder (1937-2019)-302020 Feb
Busler-Blais, LydiaOff the Beaten Path: Tales of Creative Hornists, Part IIAgrell, Jeffrey55-572011 Feb
Caballero, WilliamAn Interview with William CaballeroHoughton, Mark47-482016 Feb
Camara, DaleObituaries: Dale CamaraBusler-Blais, Lydia272008 Feb
Campbell, Douglas1996 Punto AwardsMansur, Paul451996 Nov
Campbell, Douglas2014 Service Medal of Honor-372014 Oct
Campbell, EllenObituaries: Ellen Campbell (1953-2011)-342011 Oct
Capps, WilliamObituaries: William Capps (1941-2010)Tallahassee Democrat352010 Oct
Cardy, HaroldIn Memoriam: Harold CardyHoffmann, Harry781993 Apr
Caraël, GeorgesObituaries: Georges Caraël (1911-2010)Billiet, Jeroen262011 May
Cave, JackObituaries: Jack Cave-232004 Oct
Ceccarossi, DomenicoAn Interview with Domenico CeccarossiBalmuth, Jerry53-581972 Nov
Ceccarossi, DomenicoWithout Dubbing: Domenico Ceccarossi (1910-1997)Meckna, Michael61-622000 Feb
Chambers, JamesA Complete Discography of Recordings Made Philip Farkas, James Chambers, and Mason JonesDecker, Richard20-581989 Ann
Chambers, JamesJames Chambers, A Life RememberedWakefield, David116-1181989 Apr
Chambers, JamesJames Chambers RememberedMeier, Dan112-1161989 Apr
Chiba, KaoruKaoru Chiba on Dennis Brain: An InterviewChiba, Kaoru962008 Feb
Chiba, KaoruMemories of “Bachi” – Kaoru Chiba (1928-2008)Matsubara, Chiyo et al36-382008 Oct
Christ, PeterCrystal Records, Part 2: An Interview with Peter Christ (continued)Jenkins, Ellie74-752019 Oct
Christ, PeterAn Interview with Peter ChristJenkins, Ellie72-732019 May
Civil, AlanObituary and Memorial for Alan Civil (1928-1989)Mansur, Paul (ed)109-1121989 Oct
Civil, Alan“Sitting on the Edge of Your Seat”: Alan Civil and Horn PlayingMeckna, Michael391992 Apr
Clark, JohnHonorary Members: John Clark-262018 Oct
Clark, SandraObituaries: Sandra Clark (1959-2014)McClellan, David312014 Oct
Clevenger, AliceObituaries: Alice Clevenger (1961-2011)von Rhein, John25-262011 May
Clevenger, DalePunto Award: Dale ClevengerKloss, Marilyn Bone60-612009 Oct
Clevenger, DaleProfile of Dale ClevengerMeek, Harold43-441971 May
Collins, James R.Obituaries: James R. (Bobby) CollinsPrice, Jim272007 Oct
Collins, RogerObituaries: Roger Collins (1942-2014)Faust, Randall E.31-322014 Oct
Coulston, SydneyPunto Award: Sydney CoulstonPurton, Michael981992 Oct
Cousins, FarquharsonObituary: Farquharson Cousins (1917-2017)Catterick, Tony29-302017 Oct
Cousins, FarquharsenProfile: Farquharsen CousinsKampen, Paul A.19-231986 Apr
Covert, JackPunto Award: Jack Covert-632013 Oct
Cowart, William J.Obituaries: William J. “Bill” Cowart (1948-2011)-262011 May
Cowden, Hugh AlanIn Memoriam: Hugh Alan Cowden (1915-1988)Farkas, Philip1111989 Apr
Cowden, Hugh AlanIn Memoriam: Hugh Alan Cowden (1915-1988)Faust, Randall E.110-1111989 Apr
Cryder, John M.Obituaries: John M. Cryder-292013 Oct
Damm, PeterFarewell to Markneukirchen / Abschied von Markneukirchen (German and English)Damm, Peter332018 Oct
Damm, PeterLove, Discipline, Patience, and Concentration – Advice from Peter DammKilroe-Smith, Cathy97-992009 May
Damm, PeterA Profile of Peter DammStephen, J. Drew29-351994 Nov
Dauprat, Louis FrançoisLouis François Dauprat (1781-1886)Becknell, Nancy55-571981 Apr
Deane, RichardThe New York Philharmonic’s Two New HornistsSmith, Justin53-552016 May
Deane, RichardRichard Deane on TeachingMersinger, Jessie88-902019 Oct
Decker, JamesHonorary Member: James Decker-172003 Oct
Decker, JamesObituaries: James Decker (1921-2013)-312014 Feb
Decker, JamesTribute to James DeckerHecht, Walter25-272000 Aug
Decker, JamesA Tribute to James DeckerNeuffer, Paul65-682008 May
DeIntinis, RanierTributes: Ranier DeIntinis (1925-2008)Lang, Jeffrey et al38-392008 Oct
DeRosa, VincentVincent DeRosa ReminiscesNeuffer, Paul49-512011 Oct
Diebetsberger, RudolfIn Tails and To Hat, a Retired Hornist Fights PovertyGillespie, James322012 Feb
Dolan, John B.In Memoriam: John B. Dolan (1906-2000)Sacchi, Leo21-222001 May
Donaruma, FrankFrank Donaruma: Quintessential New York FreelancerAbate, Shelagh54-552013 May
Dufrasne, Louis-VictorBrave Belgians! IHS51.Ghent: Return to an Iconic Place in the History of the HornBilliet, Jeroen60-642019 Feb
Dufrasne, Louis-VictorLouis-Victor Dufrasne and the Belgian Influence on American Horn PlayingBilliet, Jeroen92-992015 May
Duke DavidPunto Award: David Duke-512015 Oct
Dutschke, HermannHermann Dutschke: The First Principal Horn Player of the Concertgebouw OrchestraMunnecom, Jack58-592019 Feb
Eastop, PhillipPip Eastop: Creative Hornist of the YearAgrell, Jeffrey96-992003 Oct
Eger, JosephJoseph Eger – The First American Horn SoloistPritchett, Kate69-742009 Oct
Eger, JosephObituaries: Joseph Eger (1920-2013)Pritchett, Kate302013 May
Ehnes, FredObituaries: Fred Ehnes (1943-2009)Rice, Suzanne27-282009 Oct
Elworthy, Robert W.Robert W. ElworthyChenoweth, Richard119-1231989 Apr
Ely, RichardRichard Ely (1934-1999)-21-222000 May
Emerson, James R.Obituaries: James R. Emerson (1939-2019)Wood, Daniel30-312020 Feb
Ericson, JohnPunto Award: John Ericson-272018 Oct
Exline, Wendell L.Obituaries: Wendell L. (Pete) Exline (1922-2016)-222016 May
Exline, Wendell L.Obituaries: Wendell L. (Pete) Exline (1922-2016)-272016 Oct
Fako, Nancy Jordan2016 IHS Honorees: Honorary Members: Nancy Jordan Fako-322016 Oct
Fako, Nancy JordanService Medal of Honor: Nancy Jordan Fako-642013 Oct
Farkas, PhilipA Complete Discography of Recordings Made Philip Farkas, James Chambers, and Mason JonesDecker, Richard20-581989 Ann
Farkas, PhilipIn Memoriam: Philip Farkas (1914-1992)Mansur, Paul (ed)71-751993 Apr
Farkas, PhilipMission Nearly Impossible: The Adventure of the Brahms Trio: Philip Farkas as Protagonist in a Discographic MysterySanner, Howard93-962019 Oct
Farkas, PhilipPhilip Farkas and Dennis BrainFako, Nancy Jordan35-362018 May
Farkas, PhilipProfile: Interview with Philip FarkasCowan, Thomas60-691977 Nov
Farkas, PhilipProfile: Interview with Philip Farkas [reprint]Cowan, Thomas43-472000 Aug
Faust, Randall2016 IHS Honorees: Honorary Members: Randall E. Faust-322016 Oct
Faust, RandallPunto Award: Randall FaustKloss, Marilyn Bone612009 Oct
Foulk, LinFoulk Music: Reinventing Horn Teaching and Performance with Creative MusicAgrell, Jeffrey42-442015 Oct
Fox, FredPunto Award: Fred Fox-592011 Oct
Frantz, ArthurObituaries: Arthur Frantz-232004 May
Franzl, JosephTeachers of Another EraMcKee, William27-301993 Apr
Fricke, HaroldProfile of Harold FrickeMeek, Harold411971 Nov
Friedrich, ÁdámÁdám Friedrich: A ProfilePherigo, Johnny47-481996 May
Frizelle, Dorothy L.Dorothy L. FrizelleSecon, Morris1241989 Apr
Fu, LiPunto Award: Li FuMeng, Paul312000 Nov
Fuller, William C.Obituaries: William C. Fuller (1909-2009)Atwell, Bruce262009 May
Ganter, HermannObituaries: Hermann Ganter (1933-2007)Pizka, Hans262008 May
Gainsforth, NonaObituaries: Nona Gainsforth (1950-2010)Boston Globe342010 Oct
Gardner, RandyPunto Award: Randy Gardner-272018 Oct
Garcin-Marrou, Michel2015 Honorary Member: Michel Garcin-Marrou-512015 Oct
Gehrke, Laura D.Obituaries: Laura D. Gehrke-262005 Oct
Gemeinhardt, BradA Conversation with Metropolitan Opera Hornists Anne Scharer and Brad GemeinhardtTarantelli, Maddy28-302017 Feb
Gerstenberger, RichardTributes: Richard GerstenbergerMackey, Richard et al40-412008 Oct
Geyer, CarlComparing Horn DesignsWagner, Corbin42-442019 Feb
Geyer, CarlIn Memoriam: Carl Geyer (1880-1973)Fako, Nancy Jordan53-541973 Aut
Geyer, CarlMy Time with Carl Geyer and His HornsNavarro, Paul76-782019 Oct
Gibbs, GuyIn Memoriam: Guy Gibbs (1925-1971)Meek, Harold121971 May
Goldstein, ArthurArthur Goldstein (1925-2009)McIntyre, Caroline et al442009 May
Golnik, EdwinEdwin Golnik and His Influence on Horn Players in PolandMachala, Kazimierz51-521995 Nov
Gotkovsky, IdaIda Gotkovsky and Her Concerto: A Unique OpportunityLimbird, Noelle44-452017 May
Gough, JohnA’tudes & Brews: An Interview with John GoughRexroat, Carrie52-542017 Feb
Graas, John Jacob, Jr.John Jacob Graas, Jr.: Jazz Horn PioneerSnedeker, Jeffrey56-612019 Oct
Greer, Lowell2014 Honorary Member: Lowell Greer-372014 Oct
Greer, Susan McCreaObituary: Susan McCrea Greer (1956-2017)-982017 Oct
Gregory, GeorgeObituaries: George GregoryBritten, Harold571998 Feb
Grieve, AlexanderTributes: Alexander Grieve (1923-2006)Edwardes, Kevin422006 Oct
Grieve, AlexanderVignettes: Alexander Grieve (1923-2006)Meek, Harold551971 May
Gumpert, FriedrichFriedrich Gumpert and His Role in Establishing American Pedagogical PrioritiesHuebscher, Olivier47-482019 Oct
Gumpert, FriedrichGumpert, not Gumbert!Schweikert, Norman45-461971 May
Gumpert, FriedrichA Letter from Anton HornerHorner, Anton91-931993 Apr
Hackleman, MartinAn Interview with Martin HacklemanHaislip, Matthew71-742014 Feb
Halstead, AnthonyA Conversation with Anthony HalsteadAustin, Paul17-251996 Feb
Han XianguangChinese Horn Master Han Xianguang Celebrates his 80th BirthdayLou Jindy & Dye Shade74-772014 Oct
Hardin, BurtonTributes: Dr. Burton Ervin Hardin (1936-2006)Sacchi, Leo41-422006 May
Hatton, GaylenTributes: Gaylen Hatton (1928-2008)-392008 Oct
Hawkins, JonTwo Projects Commemorate the Life of One of Our MembersAnderson, Paul108-1091992 Oct
Heiden, BernhardThe Horn Music of Bernhard HeidenFilkins, Joanne M.94-1032012 Feb
Henderson, Malcolm C.In Memoriam: Malcolm Colby Henderson (1904-1975)Saxton, S. Earl19-201975 Nov
Hernon, MichaelObituaries: Michael Hernon (1940-2019)-262019 Oct
Hernon, MichaelPunto Award: Michael Hernon-63-642013 Oct
Hess, MaxIn Memoriam: Max Gustav Hess (1878-1975)Meek, Harold40-421974 Aut
Hess, MaxIn Memoriam: Max Gustav Hess (1878-1975) [reprint]Meek, Harold29-302018 May
Hess, MaxPhoto-11972 May
Hestekin, KjellrunObituaries: Kjellrun Hestekin (1948-2015)-27-282016 Feb
Higgins, ElliottHornswoggle 2017: Continuing the Legacy of Elliott Higgins: An Interview with Karl KemmHorn, Amy52-542017 May
Higgins, ElliottObituaries: Elliott Higgins (1941-2014)Gross, Steven232015 Feb
Hill, DouglasHonorary Member: Douglas Hill-60-612008 Oct
Hill, DouglasTeacher Talk: An Interview with Douglas HillBoldin, James47-542011 Feb
Hillyer, Howard L.How I Got to Carnegie HallHillyer, Howard L.39-432013 Feb
Hodge, BrettA’tudes & Brews: An Interview with Brett HodgeRexroat, Carrie58-602016 Oct
Hoffmann, HarryObituaries: Harry HoffmannThompson, Virginia66-671997 Nov
Hokanson, RuthMeet Ruth Hokanson, our new Executive Secretary (also in German and French)Hill, Douglas44-451979 Oct
Holtz, Herbert E.In Memoriam: Herbert E. HoltzSpearman, Andrew371981 Apr
Höltzel, MichaelObituaries: Michael Höltzel (1936-2017)Schneider, Bruno27-282018 Feb
Höltzel, MichaelHonorary Member: Michael HöltzelKloss, Marilyn Bone592009 Oct
Hooks, PhilIn Memoriam: Phil Hooks (1936-2018)-292018 Oct
Horn, AmyAn Interview with Master Gunnery Sergeant Amy HornMiller, J.G.34-352017 Feb
Horner, AntonIn Memoriam: Anton Horner (1877-1971)Meek, Harold22-231972 May
Horner, AntonA Letter from Anton HornerHorner, Anton91-931993 Apr
Horner, AntonReminiscences of Anton HornerThurmond, James55-681990 Apr
Horner, JamesObituaries: James Horner (1953-2015)-312015 Oct
Hoss, WendellIn Memoriam: Wendell HossLinder, Waldemar361980 Oct
Hoss, WendellWendell HossSchweikert, Norman36-511980 Oct
Hoss, WendellWendell Hoss, Vice-President-211971 Nov
Howard, Howard T.Thirty-Five Years at the Met: An Interview with Howard T. HowardLaBar, Arthur39-461996 May
Howe, Marvin C.Marvin C. Howe (1918-1994), Singer of Smooth MelodiesFaust, Randall E.27-361996 May
Howe, Marvin C.What? Why? HowI? Questions about Warm-ups and ScalesFaust, Randall E.70-712011 May
Hunter, Robert B.Obituaries: Robert B. Hunter (1923-2009)Hooks, Phil78-791992 Oct
Hustis, GregoryMusings & Milestones – A Spotlight on Gregory HustisCaluori, Nicholas94-972011 Oct
Hyde, GeorgeObituaries: George Hyde (1921-2014)-31-322015 Oct
Iervolino, AntonioRemembering Antonio Iervolino (1912-1990)Campbell, Gordon87-881990 Oct
Ito, YasuyoTributes: Yasuyo Ito (1943-2006)Nishiyama, S.44-472007 Feb
Jacobs, ArnoldArnold Jacobs Reconsidered: Reflections on a Legacy at the Centennial of His BirthByrne, Frank and Michael Grose30-322016 May
Jaenicke, BrunoBruno Jaenicke (1887-1946)Pizka, Hans471994 Nov
James, IforHonorary Member: Ifor James-17-182003 Oct
James, IforProfile: Ifor JamesBraun, Elaine22-291981 Oct
James, IforRichard Ifor James (1931-2004)Catterick, Tony et al27-282005 Feb
Janetzky, KurtIn Memoriam: Kurt Janetzky (1906-1994)Baumann-Cloughly, Cecilia591995 May
Janson, GlennObituaries: Glenn JansonCarr, Cynthia661997 Nov
Janson, GlennRemembering Glenn Janson on March 17, 2017Harrison, Randolph70-712017 May
Johns, TerryAn Interview with Terry JohnsChenoweth, Richard57-622014 May
Johnson, JoshOff the Beaten Path: Tales of Creative Hornists, Part IIAgrell, Jeffrey55-572011 Feb
Jones, MasonA Complete Discography of Recordings Made Philip Farkas, James Chambers, and Mason JonesDecker, Richard20-581989 Ann
Jones, MasonGreetings from Philadelphia: A Tribute to Mason JonesLang, Jeffrey612009 Feb
Jones, MasonA Profile of Mason JonesKirschen, Jeffry27-301996 Feb
Jones, MasonTributes: Mason Jones (1919-2009)Betts, Kendall et al32-362009 May
Jones, PhilipEulogy for Philip JonesHowarth, Elgar29-322000 May
Joy, Nancy2019 Service Medal of Honor: Nancy Joy-362019 Oct
Kanamaru, TomokoTomoko Kanamaru: A Horn Players’ PianistKloss, Marilyn Bone48-502014 May
Kaucký, EmanuelEmanuel Kaucký (1904-1953)Divoký, Zdeněk37-402006 May
Kavalovski, CharlesHorn Players of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1881-1988Yeo, Douglas47-611988 Apr
Kavalovski, CharlesProfile: Interview with Charles KavalovskiCowan, Thomas62-671976 Nov
Kavalovski, CharlesHonorary Member: Charles Kavalovski-58-592011 Oct
Kavalovski, CharlesA Tribute to Charles KavalovskiScharnberg, William35-391998 Feb
Kemm, KarlHornswoggle 2017: Continuing the Legacy of Elliott Higgins: An Interview with Karl KemmHorn, Amy52-542017 May
Kent, DouglasObituaries: Douglas Kent-282011 Oct
Kent, DouglasOur Philadelphia StoryKent, Douglas41-472007 May
Kim, Young-YulPunto Award: Young-Yul Kim-312000 Nov
King, RichardAn Interview with Richard KingFerjutz, Kelly61-622008 Feb
Klánská, VladimíraVladimíra Klánská – HornCzechoslovak Artistic Agency10-111977 Nov
Kliphuis, MorrisJazz Hornist Morris KliphuisStoneman, Jonathan622010 Feb
Klishans, ArvidsArvids KlishansOtsing, Kaido611995 May
Kloss, Marilyn BoneService Medal of Honor: Marilyn Bone Kloss-642013 Oct
Kniaz, AbeA Lesson with AbeCoghill, Gene45-461992 Apr
Kniaz, AbeTributes: Abe Kniaz (1923-2007)Kloss, Marilyn Bone et al42-442007 Oct
Knepper, Mary ThereseObituaries: Mary Therese Knepper (1948-2012)-442012 Oct
Knop, JaroslavIn Memoriam: Jaroslav (“Jerry”) Knop (1918-2000)Chenoweth, Richard262001 Feb
Koster, Ab2019 Honorary Members: Ab Koster-342019 Oct
Kotas Hirsch, HelenEulogy for Helen Kotas Hirsch (1916-2000)Greer, Lowell D.37-382001 May
Kotas Hirsch, HelenHelen Kotas: An AppreciationLeuba, Christopher47-481995 Nov
Kotas Hirsch, HelenHelen Kotas (1916-2000): A PioneerThayer, Heather30-372011 May
Kotas Hirsch, HelenHelen Kotas Hirsch and the Sound of the HornFaust, Randall E.35-372001 May
Kotas Hirsch, HelenIn Memoriam: Helen Kotas Hirsch (1916-2000)Janega, James262001 Feb
Krehbiel, A. DavidA. David Krehbiel: Forty Years in the OrchestraMartin, Jean61-651997 Feb
Krehbiel, A. DavidNew Honorary Members: A. David Krehbiel-612008 Oct
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Sacchi, LeoObituaries: Leo Sacchi (1934-2017)-282018 Feb
Sansone, LorenzoLorenzo Sansone (1881-1975)Caluori, Nicholas47-572005 Feb
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Thatcher, JamesAn Interview with James ThatcherMcFarland, Mark57-592002 May
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Tuckwell, BarryTributes-85-971997 May
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Vlatković, RadovanHonorary Member: Radovan Vlatković-632013 Oct
Vogel, HeidiService Medal of Honor: Heidi Vogel-27-282018 Oct
Wade, EugenePunto Award: Eugene WadeSnedeker, Jeffrey272001 Aug
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Westervelt, RobertIn Memoriam: Robert WesterveltHoffmann, Harry781993 Apr
Wikman, OlaviPunto Award: Olavi WikmanTapani, Esa312003 Feb
Williams, GailHonorary Member: Gail Williams-37-382012 Oct
Wing, LouiseObituaries: Louise Wing (1919-2014)-332014 Oct
Winter, JamesHonorary Member: James WinterScharnberg, William311998 Nov
Winter, JamesTributes: James H. Winter (1919-2006)Winter, Michael et al39-412006 Oct
Winter, JamesUpon the Retirement of James WinterScharnberg, William21-241987 Oct
Wipperich, EmilEmil Wipperich (1854-1917)Meek, Harold1241989 Apr
Witte, TomTom Witte’s 42 Years with the Atlanta SymphonyWitte, Peter37-392015 Oct
Wolf, AdamThe Creative Hornist: Adam Wolf and the Rock Horn ProjectAgrell, Jeffrey34-352016 May
Wood, DanielDaniel Wood: Entrepreneurial MusicianAgrell, Jeffrey49-512012 Feb
Woudenberg, AdriaanHonorary Member: Adriaan Woudenberg-372014 Oct
Xie, Xiao-MingTributes: Xiao-Ming Xie (1959-2006)Ruske, Eric402007 Feb
Yaeger, GeorgeA Tribute to George YaegerMansur, Paul45-472003 May
Yancich, MilanPunto Award: Milan YancichMansur, Paul51-521997 Nov
Yancich, MilanTributes: Milan Yancich (1921-2007)Yancich, Paul36-372008 Feb
Yegudkin, ArcadyAnother View of The GeneralLantz, Evans11-121985 Apr
Yegudkin, ArcadyThe GeneralHoffmann, Harry et al79-821993 Apr
Yegudkin, ArcadyMy First Teacher, Arcady Yegudkin – “The General”Coghill, Gene15-191984 Oct
Yegudkin, ArcadySurvival of the FittestLeuba, Christopher101985 Apr
Yegudkin, ArcadyTeachers of Another EraMcKee, William27-301993 Apr

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